Frank Ocean Street Races With Tyler, The Creator & A$AP Rocky In LA (No album?)

Is Frank Ocean test driving his album?

Frank Ocean may as well be under surveillance 24/7 because fans quite literally know his every move. I’m pretty sure there are people out there who are watching his Apple Video live stream all day long just trying to find a hint of moving life in the scene. I’m starting to think that the R&B singer might as well be like an alien or a unicorn  or a mermaid that people have been trying to prove for centuries exist. He’s becoming a modern myth all of his own.

So, what’s the recent sighting found on the mystical unicorn creature? A video of him street racing fellow Odd Future member Tyler, The Creator in Los Angeles last night. Yep, that is Frank in that video below shouting and screaming back at the camera man! Once again, Tyler’s videographer, A$AP Rocky, caught the entire moment on Snapchat for us to witness. Thanks, man! Last time he filmed was when Tyler terrorized a Target one day. Guess they’re just the terrible twos.

So, what’s happening in that video? Can someone explain? A$AP shouts at Ocean asking “DO YOU WANT TO RACE?” To which the “Swim Good” artist replies “Let’s do it!”


Ok, this is all fun and cool and definitely hilarious, but where’s the album, Frank?! You’re not even close to the Apple headquarters to check on your project! Hmph.

Ocean notifies Tyler that “it’s a green light, guys,” and the two of them ride speedily into the night. Either he’s taking his music for a test drive or he’s racing away from crazily upset fans. Truth is, he’s just not ready to drop it, folks. Many co-workers and supporters of the Channel ORANGE creator have tried to explain and justify his tardiness, such Malay, one of his producers who had relayed in a post on Reddit that “art cannot be rushed.” Lil B then came into the picture advocating for the artist in a talk with Dazed Digital’s press that, “let’s see what Frank releases. Frank has the material.”


So we’ll just have to wait a little more, I suppose. Let’s be real, it’s probably going to be really great, and we have to appreciate that he doesn’t want to rush anything. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean we still don’t want to show himself at least WORKING on it. Smh. The only sounds we’re gonna hear are the hysterical cries from the A$AP Mob rapper pleading, as the boys dart into the night, “somebody get me out of this car. I’m scared. These niggas crazy.”

Check out the live footage below of the epic L.A. nightriders, courtesy of Rocky:

Tyler and Frank street racing, pt. 1

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Frank and Tyler street racing, pt. 2 (Rocky scared as hell 😂😂)

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Further References: Pigeons & Planes, HotNewHipHop, XXL


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