Australian Contemporary Indie Artist Yates Debuts New Single “It’s Over Now”

Arousing & Awakening

Last Friday, Australian contemporary singer-songwriter Yateshas released his new single and re-creation of a classic 90’s song titled “It’s Over Now,” turning it into a free-flowing, emotional journey built on complex, ominous tunes, and an impressive vocal range. Recently having signed to SweatItOut, the artist who goes by his stage name Yates, has been making bigger and better marks in his musical career. His debut single “virtue” reached high recognition by Triple J and was voted as its Hottest 100 Nominee for 2015!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.46.17 AM

The international artist just returned from his Tora tour which was performed globally, and when he came back, he inspired a new sound into his music. He has now further developed and transformed his sound from the acoustic indie-folk we are familiar with to a diversified and mixed tune of electric and ambient-indie melodies. His debut EP came out this year, and his single ‘Mercury’ off of the compilation gained large attention from Triple J, Australia, and the US! It even reached 2 million streams on Spotify! Yates is now preparing himself for a sophomore EP, and ready to delve into the new sound he has been playing around with and fabricating. With his recent single, we get a taste of the new approach he is taking, and since its release the track has featured and premiered in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist all over the world.

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In “It’s Over Now,” we get a healthy dose of a light hip hop beat coated by the electric/alternative-indie sounds of Yates. There is an erotic simplicity about his voice. The single is dark and slow, yet provocative and forceful. Like most artists these days, he blends elements of electronic synths and vibes into his indie vocals, but he does masterfully, running chills up your spine and splashing across your face like a wave. His voice illuminates parts of the song when he slides to the higher notes and then blankets the composition as his voice dips into deeper, lower octave territory. He’s a poignant tide that moves in and out, caressing your ears and mind. A song about broken, lost love and confusion, Yates perfectly defines the inner emotions of intensity one endures after a heartbreak.


His voice is like a deeper, slower sound of Brandon Urie’s (of Panic! at the Disco) vocals, but a more airy, optimistic version of lead singer of The Irrepressibles, Jamie McDermott. A sultry, ominous, mysterious, and sweet tone, Yates is the intonation that you wish to hear when you desire to drift away or want someone to lull you away from the world. Picturing yourself late nights at the bar or on an island’s beach or walking the city streets, his music travels with you as you explore the world and yourself. His music is the kind of music we wish to hear if the apocalypse were to ever occur, these sounds would be what we desire to hear at the brink of the world’s culmination.

Like what you heard? Then be sure to check Yates out on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter,  and Instagram.


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