[Exclusive] Interview with EDM Duo East & Young About Single “Make Me Feel” ft. Galantis


Meet the guys

You may know of them from their pop-heavy electronic vibes, but allow us to formally introduce you to the Holland-based duo East & Young. These Dutch house artists are skilled in their art and extremely well-versed in the music that they produce. Always staying ahead of the electronic sound waves, they persist as a multi-dimensional band. They produce beats and rhythms that could fill the entirety of a space and then make it bigger as the sound progresses to push boundaries and build momentum. There is no questioning these two and their talent, but what is even greater is that though they have it, they continue to want to learn more and to strive to be better!

East & Young recently teamed up with the Swedish EDM superduo, Galantis, on a track titled “Make Me Feel,” which is to premiere as the lead single in the new electronic music-based Netflix film XOXO. This will be an original movie which releases this Friday, August 26th! This comedic storyline follows 6 unknown individuals on their journey to one of the “biggest EDM festival[s] in America,” and illustrates the actual love & lust of the fans and artists for this genre. Produced by the British DJ Pete Tong, this cinematic production takes us through a semi-realistic plot about the whirlwinds of being a DJ/producer and what it takes to make it in the digital music business realms! No doubt, this motion picture will be jam-packed with some of the best EDM hits and bangers you’ll hear for the year! And as a result, these musical pairings (East & Young and Galantis) had the chance to feature in the movie! You can watch the trailer to the film HERE!


East & Young have been recognized by highly noted artists because of their catchy, coveted tune-filled tracks. They literally create the optimism and energy in a club and that’s when you find yourself swaying to their euphoric, atmospheric sounds. Their first release was titled “Revealed” back in 2009, and since then, they have relentlessly garnered more attention as they remixed and produced more tracks based on their own style. That is when they began to really experiment and then really build a fan base that would push them to even greater EDM risers as they make it to the epic drop.

They had the chance to work with Galantis even before they met for this track. In fact, they co-produced some tracks together on their album Pharmacy last year and then toured with them in Amsterdam and London.

East & Young performed at sold out shows in Amsterdam, Canada, and Dubai. And they also have played at the revered and adored Mysteryland Music Festival of 2015. To give you the scope of their musical range, just their remix of this single “Run” owned the charts and conquered the airwaves of radio shows and clubs with over 2 million plays on Spotify and was featured in the renown Dutch beer brand Heineken’s commercial campaign!

East & Young carry soul in their music as they hit at every emotion you can ever possibly feel in a song. In this new single in particular, ”Make Me Feel” ft Galantis, the boys create a fun, upbeat production that gets you into a funky mood. An aura that throws you straight into the summer disposition and carries you along for the ride as you stare up at the sky and watch the sun rays and clouds go by. It will make you want to just throw your hands up in the air and let all the BS go.


So let’s sit down with the boys and see what they had to tell us about themselves, their music, and the new Netflix movie to come! An interview with East & Young:

Neelu Mohaghegh (Me- NM): Hello guys, East & Young! My name is Neelu and I write for both Verge Campus & GoodMusicAllDay. I’m a huge fan of your music. Thank you so much for doing this interview with me! I really appreciate it, and I am really excited to get to know you guys a little more! So, please introduce yourselves! Where are you guys from? What are your names?

East&Young (E&Y): Hi! We are Ivo de Jong and Marc van Oosterbaan, based in Enschede, a town in the Eastern part of Holland.

NM: What got you guys into music in the first place?

E&Y: We always loved listening to music. Both of our brothers were actually DJ’ing before we even knew what it was. Marc’s brother quit DJ’ing at some point and basically donated his music equipment to Marc. When Ivo was 12, his brother bought brand new Technics turntables and taught him how to beat match.

NM: What is the Holland music scene like?

E&Y: Holland has a rich history of music. There’s a great pop/rock scene which got us influenced as well. Not to mention the house/dance scene and their DJs 🙂

NM: How do you guys describe your sound? How do you think it sounds different from other producers in the same field, and what separates you from them?

E&Y: We always try to keep it really melodic. We also like to apply some spherical, almost melancholic influences. Right now we are focusing on applying indie pop influences as well, which you will hear in our new releases later this year 🙂

NM: What about electronic music do you think makes it such an important genre for music?

E&Y: Mainly the need for people to dance we think. Dancing all day and night on festivals, gathering together, partying together, living and celebrating together. Besides that, sound wise, electronic music is always developing.

NM: How do you see the EDM scene right now? Is it at its peak? Or is it losing ground? Or is transforming, and into what?

E&Y: At some point it went too hard for us and there seemed to be a lack of emotion. Nothing wrong with that, if people love that. But that’s just not our style. Right now, more subgenres are popping up so it sounds more diverse and it’s getting more musical. So we think it’s transforming, and we are really happy to see that development.


NM: How was it like making the single with Galantis? What was the overall motivation behind its creation and how did you guys team up with Galantis?

E&Y: We’ve known Linus and Christian [Galantis] for a long time now. We did some remixes for them and co-produced the track “Don’t Care” on their debut album “Pharmacy”. Last year we sent them a new idea of ours and they loved it. Together we finished the track and the rest you can hear in “Make Me Feel”.

NM: Also, how did you hop on the upcoming EDM Netflix film? Is there anything us viewers should be especially excited for or not expecting from the production?

E&Y: At the same time, Pete Tong (BBC ONE) was looking for music for a new Netflix film “XOXO” (he was the musical supervisor). He heard our collab and wanted the song for the film. To be honest, we haven’t see the film yet so for us it’s gonna be a surprise as well 🙂

NM: What is the song writing process like for you guys usually? How do you go about it?

E&Y: We mostly start with just playing the piano or guitar. Sometimes we just start with messing with some samples or synths. We love to have different approaches. It keeps it fresh and interesting.

NM: How did you come up with the name “East & Young?”

E&Y: It’s actually just (parts of) our last names, translated in English. Marc van Oosterbaan (in Dutch – Oost = East) and Ivo de Jong (in Dutch – Jong = Young). Fun fact: Most of the people think it is because we are from the East of Holland and we are still Young, haha. We get this question a lot! 🙂

NM: Who are your musical inspirations? (artists, or even just people in your life)

E&Y: We listen to a lot of different styles. We are listening to classical music, indie-pop, hip hop, and all kind of electronic music. Artists we like are Calvin Harris, Galantis, Chemical Brothers, Axwell, Daft Punk and Flume to name a few. They are all known for creating a new sound, even almost a new genre. That’s also our goal.

NM: If you could collaborate with an artist or artists, who would that/they be?

E&Y: Calvin Harris. But a great indie pop band would also be great: the XX, MGMT, Gotye, to name a few.

NM: Now since Verge Campus and GoodMusicAllDay is a college publication, we always ask the artists if they went to college and if they did what did they study? If not, what would you have studied then?

E&Y: We both studied ‘Media Music’ at the School of Music in Enschede. We actually met at this school during the intake and our first school project ever was ‘Reveal’ which was released on Spinnin’ Records back in 2009. We also learned how to compose music for films, commercials and also how to record a band.

NM: Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years from now? In 10?

E&Y: Well, of course we hope to be playing our music around the globe, but that’s a bit of a generic answer, right? 😉 At this moment, we are making plans to apply more live influences to our shows. We love DJ’ing as we do, but adding live elements would give us even more satisfaction.


NM: What is the weirdest experience you guys have ever had while performing your music?

E&Y: Haha, this question always puts a smile upon our faces. It’s actually not during DJ’ing but it’s definitely worth mentioning. When we were DJ’ing in India last year, we came back to our hotel in the middle of the night. We walked up the stairs and decided to watch some of the pics and vids we took at the show at Marc’s room before Ivo went to his room. Marc opened his door and we saw a NAKED guy lying on the floor of Marc’s room – passed out(!). There were food & drinks everywhere, pasta, burgers and booze. Turned out this guy broke into Marc’s room just to order nearly everything you could order on the menu and drink all the booze from the minibar there was. Fun fact: before he was drunk (we think) he put Marc’s MacBook safely on the nightstand, hahaha.

NM: When you guys are not doing music, what are you doing?

E&Y: Marc likes to sport. Right now, mountain biking is his biggest passion. Ivo likes to play soccer with friends and plays the piano almost 2 hours a day. That’s actually where most of our tracks are born 🙂

NM: What is one fun fact about each of you that fans probably don’t know about?

E&Y: Haha, we actually both like singing very much and from time to time we think it sounds okay too. We’ve also both recorded something once and you probably don’t wanna hear that – so we’ll just keep it for in the bathroom.

NM: What is one word of advice you would give to aspiring student musicians/artists out there who want to do what you do?

E&Y: When you start producing, there’s nothing wrong with trying to recreate tracks from producers you admire. It’s a great way to learn the basics and to get aware of how to make a specific sound of melody. In the end, we think you should always try to create your own and unique sound. We know it’s not as easy as it sounds, we are also always struggling with it, but we always keep it in mind.

NM: Thank you again for this opportunity to speak with you guys!

E&Y: You’re welcome, it was a pleasure!!

Be sure to give the song a listen above and to check out the movie they will be appearing in this Friday! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, Snapchat (eastandyoung)


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