[Playlist]: For Some Dope Rap Tracks, Better Press That ‘Ye Button’


So, this week, we thought it’s time to make you guys a playlist that would bring you some dope hip hop tracks to kick back to and jam to as you’re closing out your summer.

You could use this playlist to kill it at the gym, to help during those intense move-in days (you know what I’m talking about), or for just hanging with the crew. Let’s bring it back to some good vibes and solid beats when the bass takes over and the ideals of poetic justice are professed. Lyrical ballads become spoken word expressions over passionate instrumentals and baller productions. Rap emerged in the 1970’s, back when there was a lot of turmoil between race and war. It began in the U.S. amongst African American teenagers who felt that they needed to have a voice, and from that became the genre of street poetry. Taking from elements and methods of soul, gospel, jazz, funk and many other genres, rap became a force of a multitude of sounds. Though initially considered a ghetto aspect of music, it was actually quite a sophisticated art that often addresses provocative and controversial topics such as sex, violence and socio-cultural or socio-political issues.

Rapping is best described today as “spitting bars,” bars being lines and phrases that follow a certain metric rhythm called a “beat.” These words are spoken in almost a chant-like way to build momentum and catchiness to the sounds of the words rolling off the narrator’s lips and onto the melodic accompaniment in the background. The most significant components of hip hop and rap are the content, flow (also known as rhythm and rhyme), and delivery.

And of course comes another style of hip hop known as the “freestyle” or as the verb “freestyling.” This is a form of rapping done on sheer impulse that is done with or without a beat, but definitely, no matter what, still follows the hustle and flow of having a solid tempo.

Though many people of the older generation find it hard to accept this complex art form of music, it’s a genre that has a lot more character, passion, and truth to it than any other. This urban street poetry began as a way to relay one’s thoughts and opinions on the social issues occurring in our world. It was a way to take poetry and spit it out into a more sing-song, musical form.

So let’s celebrate the music of some of the most brilliant male and female MC’s who bring hardcore rhythm to our souls. Artists like: Dreezy, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, 2Pac, Chance The Rapper, Snoop Dogg, Vic Mensa, Kehlani, Missy Elliott, Drake, Casey Veggies, Jay Z, Childish Gambino, Jhené Aiko, Lil’ Kim, Joey Bada$$, Logic, G-Eazy, P Diddy, Eminem, Kid Cudi, Dr. Dre, Odd Future, ScHoolboy Q, Big Sean, J. Cole, Nas, Future, and so so so many more.

So, what yo’ waiting fo’? Press that Ye Button below and get goin’:

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