[Exclusive]: Shoffy Drops Sensory New Track “Better Off Here” ft. jackLNDN For His New EP

Sensations all over

Jump on a jet plane to anywhere, land on a sun-kissed island, and relax in a hammock between the palm trees as Shoffy serenades you with this new song. Shoffy just released a track with Candyland “Faces” which was fire, but he’s now returning to us via a phenomenal new EP titled somewhere between nostalgia and paradise, which he drops this Friday, August 26th! Off of this project comes one of his best tracks with collaborative efforts by jackLNDN, “Better Off Here,” and you get to have an exclusive listen to it now!

“far away from the hustle, my lungs can finally breathe / flex that muscle / this is the world I’ve been dreamin'”, sings the electro-indie/R&B artist.

Thayna Alves / IG: tyalves

Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of tropical xylophone vibes, take a dip into his wavy musical oceans, and let him and jackLNDN lure you into their worlds of utter bliss. The music takes you through a sweet escape narrative.

One can appreciate the way Shoffy plays with eccentric 60’s dancehall tunes and twists them into the indifferent indie vocals we hear nowadays of the lone hipster chic type. It all combines into a perfect blend of a breath of fresh air that then races through your mind and caresses it gently. This joint-single has a simple melody and easy lyrics, but it gets am emotion across to the listener which is a complex art form to do with music.

This LA native, Alex Shofler, otherwise known as Shoffy, has been recognized by big leagues such as The Fader, Complex, and Indie Shuffle among many others, and he was most notably known for his Spinnin’ Records hit single “Takes My Body Higher” featuring Lincoln Jesser, which received over 9 million YouTube views as well as a whopping 17 million streams on Spotify!


“I am better / better off here / things were blurry / but now they’re clear…”

There’s no doubt that listening to this new song “Better Off Here,” you’ll be better off here. You practically experience your island getaway in just a short composition. The feelings of late night jacuzzi sittings, Netflix and chill times, and so much more. As you peruse through the rest of the EP, expect the project to develop that rushing and thrilling feeling of vividly calming sensations all over your body. Each track stands on its own; however, it continues the theme of being on a disparate getaway. Each song like a fresh breeze brushing past your face.

Listening to this track, and eventually the overall EP, it will be hard to wake up from reality… You can listen to the track ABOVE and the rest of the EP this Friday! Be sure to check Shoffy out on SoundCloud and Facebook!


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