Ro Ransom & Kensei Abbot Run Chills Up Your Spine In Their Fresh Release “Donuts”

Pull up to the club drive thru to order ūüć©ūüć©ūüć©

Of those¬†who could be deemed the freshest up-and-comers of this summer, Ro Ransom certainly makes the top. This New York rapper teams up with Kensei Abbot to deliver to you their dope new single “Donuts.” On this digitally produced rap track that has you bouncing the whole the way to its dynamic and demonic autotunes, we get to call out some of the jerks and a**holes who ruin the party in a fun and sing-song kind of way.


“Don’t let free drinks at the bar make you think you‚Äôre important / All the champagne in the world wouldn‚Äôt clear up your conscience…” sings the hip hopper.

Ransom is a rap artist signed to S-Rank Records from New York, and though he just began his journey into the music industry, he has got an undeniable prowess for spitting bars and is going to make name for himself in the hip hop scene. In this Nintendo-like melody playing the background and forming the beat, we get a twisted take on a upbeat and nostalgic sound.


The¬†comically sinister song “Donuts” takes you through a haunted aura of sonic experience. The¬†track is flawlessly constructed and consists of well-strung together harmonies, tunes, and incantations.

When I try to compare this song or this sound to anyone else, I honestly can’t find anyone particular pinpoint. And yes, in fact, that is a compliment! Elements of this song remind me of something¬†PARTYNEXTDOOR or Travi$ Scott and perhaps the musicality of Casey Veggies, but overall, Ro brings something completely otherworldly to the table. Something of its own species and breed. As you listen carefully to the rhythm and the way the story unfolds in a linear sort of fashion,¬†surprises embedded in the song pop out at you and make the music an even more thrilling ride.

“We know the secrets your money and fame are concealing / I¬†can see god in the mirrors that cover the ceiling…” go the lyrics.

The song is intense, yet is probably the slowest-paced hype song you will ever hear! Ha! The chord progressive pre-hook is catchy and has you humming along as the boys take you on this Lost Boys-esque adventure of being the illest outcasts around. They terrorize and serenade all at once like the monsters under your bed, who both scared and mystified you.


The content is swag, the flow is unreal, and the delivery is perfect. Furthermore, this wouldn’t be the first time, Ransom and Abbot¬†have collaborated; they had last joined forces on Ransom’s previous release “See Me Fall,” and clearly they have a musical chemistry that works for the both of them. In an email conversation between Ransom and The FADER,¬†the rapper admits,¬†“nobody turns up like Kensei Abbot and The Mystery Boy.” Yes, really nobody does because they have their own way to front it shown in this song.¬†“Just keep me very far away from any pink drugs. That’s the moral of the story,” adds and¬†jests the 23-year old Mystery Boy.

“Donuts” is a kicky, dark-chic anthem that leaves a profound impact on your mind, as you continue to¬†sing the song, even after it has finished…

Be sure to check out Ro Ransom on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Official Site!


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