[Premiere]: Listen To Didrick Remix Australian EDM Duo Feenixpawl’s Hit Summer Anthem “Quicksand”

Summer never truly ends

At least, not with this amazing remix of a classic! Young EDM up-and-coming DJ/producer Didrick decided to take Feenixpawl’s notorious summer vibe track, “Quicksand,” and turn it into a dancing masterpiece.

In this remastering of the seasonal anthem, Didrick adds an element of indie-rock pop and stirs in a little club night riot vibes. If you listen closely, you can hear the layered in tunes and tones that the youthful digital designer incorporates into the instrumental as the singer APEK’s voice consumes the airwaves with a force like no other. Much like a video game, the song has that bubble-gum pop tonality, whilst also carrying the intensity of a raging action-packed super hero movie. With a higher pitch and a faster pace, the song comes to life; quite literally it fills the space with energy and exhilaration to jolt you into a song that will have your heart not only racing but also soaring!


Didrick impressively adds a nice touch around time mark 1:08, where he takes a riser and then, instead of diving deep into a heavy drop, carefully caresses us with a smoother, lower-volumed drop to then grind out the song with the bass and synth chord progressions. He cleverly adds in these guitar like plucking riffs that swiftly paint across the canvas of this remix. He then disperses twinkling vibes here and there throughout the track developing a very cool deep house song combined with the pop sensations of the millennial generation.

How do we know this song is a hit? Well, considering all of the love and attention it has been garnering, with over 1.6M streams on Spotify, and with radio play, a cumulative 2.5M streams, well that should be evidence enough. He’s been recognized by notable companies such as Majestic and Dancing Astronaut! In addition, Didrick has had the honor of performing lie along side the EDM heavy-weight Avicii, as well as remixing the song “War,” by Astronaut and Far Too Loud, with F.O.O.L.


This Monstercat Records signee has a large fan base and a lot of support! At just his age, this Swedish born composer started his musical career back in 2014 (not too long ago) and is already hitting mega-streams and reaching great heights. He has been in charge of creating Monstercat’s traditional anniversary mixes and mashups, a feat on its own, for the past 3rd and 5th year celebrations of the company’s genesis. He is also an adept guitarist, where he gets most of his riff influences for his tracks.

With his consistent energy, transformative sounds, and rhythmic elements, Didrick blends acoustic, electronic, future bass, pop, and progressive house genres all into one fantastically cohesive melody of epic sonic endeavors.

You can check out the song now up above!

Be sure to follow Didrick on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and his Official Website! And be sure to check out our interview with the other artists of the Canadian EDM label Monstercat HERE! And DEFINITELY check out Eclypse Records on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and its Official Site!


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