Aria Lanelle, UglySexy, & Blkwtr To Perform Concert Series At Boston’s Wonder Bar Sept. 6th

Pour yourself some red wine…

And head on over to this “wonder”ful concert, because on September 6th, three very unique acts are going to be performing in our hometown of Boston! Allow me to introduce these new artists to the music scene of the city, a scene that is quite mysterious and uncertain, yet undoubtedly possessing raw talent in every form of genre.

On September 6th, at the infamous Wonder Bar of Allston, Massachusetts, R&B songstress Aria Lanelle, heavy Electro/dark Funk artist UglySexy, and fresh & contemporary Hip Hop duo Blkwtr will be taking the stage front and center to deliver you some of the most recent releases! Starting as of 6 pm and going on until 8 pm for those 21+, you will be serenaded by the eclectic sounds of these individuals who all bring a different tonality to the voice of the people in this city we call home.

Interested in who these entertainers are? Well, for starters the entirety of the event is in honor of Lanelle who is performing her first Boston show and is performing tracks from her celebrated EP My Name Is. For her production, she will be accompanied by the talented DJ Seth Daniels. Lanelle is not just any R&B singer; in fact, she’s a little more hardcore than that. When you listen to her heavy, lower octave-voice sing songs about self-confidence and swag, you can feel the energy, edge and force behind it all. A unique act that is a must see at this concert event!

Next up is UglySexy, a very other-wordly sounding being who combines elements of music that sound like Prince with aspects of intensity that remind you of Fall Out Boy. His vocals are breathy, eerie, funky, rock-like and sinister. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he attempts to make his music sound lustful, arrogant, and imperfect. He wishes to embrace the isolation of music with a tone not many would at first approach. Check him out when he performs live!

Finally, comes the young, multi-talented pair Blkwtr, two graduates of Berklee College of Music who teamed up to create the avant-garde Hip Hop music that they produce today. These two will inspire you with their drive and charisma as they take the methods of artists such as The Weeknd and Tyler, The Creator and/or Odd Future in order to mold a sound all of their own. These guys are hilarious, but when it comes to their music you can tell they have a chemistry that seriously works together. Blkwtr has recently released a music video, as well as a few new tracks as they continue to develop their sound and get word out there of their music! So, be sure to check these guys when they perform at this concert!

For ONLY $8, you can see the expertise of these three artists before your eyes and hear their art make noise in your ears!

Now, in case you wanted to preview a little bit of what you’ll be hearing that night, check out the videos and audio links below!

Aria Lanelle:






Tickets are available for purchase HERE, so get yours now! Verge Campus & GoodMusicAllDay will be covering the event that night, so stay tuned, and hope to see you there! For more details on the night, here is the Facebook Event Page.



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