NYU Rap Artist Nick Harris Drops Hypnotic New Single “My Show”

Welcome to my show… or should I say Nick Harris’ show.

This local NYC rap artist named Nick Harris is about to bring you on an epically smooth lyrical and rhythmic adventure with his new single which he just dropped recently “My Show.”

Harris is originally from Athens, Georgia and now currently resides in New York as he is a student at New York University (NYU) studying Music Business. In the past, this beat designer was a musician in the form of an instrumentalist who played guitar, upright bass and percussion. This 20-year old student of many talents produces his own sound but may remind you of J. Cole or of the like. He follows the rhythm and soul of a song with precision and persistence, and the best part is that he mixes and masters all of his own music.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

“Welcome to my show ya
Can I get to know ya?
She said she fuck with soldiers,
So I brought coast guard.
I’m Rollin’ up the doja
Wit’ a cup of joe ya
Really wanna know ya,” Harris rap-sings in the chorus.

“My Show” is an innovative track not like any other I have heard before. Just as a side note, the other good thing is that he can sing well too, not something most rappers can actually do. So, with that added in bonus, the song becomes a dope freestylish lullaby that serenades to the energy of your surroundings and the music. His voice blends classic tones with neo-funk incantations. This is a song that places you on the rooftop of a skyscraper and lets you chill out as you stare out at the skyline of whatever city you’re in, soaking in the right kind of vibes of the dimming lights.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.15.52 PM

It’s artistic in the way it uses tones, noises and sounds to create white noise in the background of the track. With the clicky-pop rhythm and beat, it is almost as if the instrumental itself is singing along with Harris or is speaking to the listener as we listen to the music. I can’t help but be lured into his magic of melodies and rhythms. With a very solid delivery of his verses, he spits them with ease in between moments of sing-song vocals and pure spoken word. This single is hypnotic and so dynamic with its multitude of layers, it’s almost impossible not to notice the hard work and great effort put into making this. This is totally a new jam for the new school year!

Harris took a moment to speak up about his own thought process about the song, “When I wrote this song, I wanted it to sound like an effortless flow. I wanted the verses to have a freestyle nature to them. So, I purposely used the most natural lyrics I could, where usually I would scratch lines out and re-write my stuff. Creativity in it’s simplest form is a reaction, and I tried to keep that reaction pure and true to who I am and how my mind works.”


The artist wants his music to be both “youthful and reflective” as he wishes to fabricate music that he can deliver to many with his own influence, ideas, and motivations driving the production. His goals are pretty straightforward: get as many people as possible to hear his music. That’s the goal. To let the world hear what he has to say, and let the people relate as much as they wish to. Experiences in his life has led him to where he is today with his sound, but of course that doesn’t mean that he’s done yet.

His musical inspirations cover a broad range of genres from the likes of Hip-hop extraordinaires to those legends of the rock eras such as Hendrix and Bob Dylan. As he continues to develop his sound, he carries the personality in his music only recognizable to that of Nick Harris’s music. With a continued path down this road, I could definitely see this rapper’s career growing in these street art realms.

Liked what you heard? Be sure to check him out on SoundCloud!


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