Travis Scott Officially Releases ‘Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight’, Stream It Now

Featuring Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar and more.

Travis Scott finally dropped his highly anticipated, and overly-teased album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight!!!

For a while now, more specifically since spring, the rapper had been giving us hints about this project and today, Friday, September 2nd, he gives us an actual stream to listen to the entirety of the compilation via his .Wav radio show on Beats 1 with co-host Chase B.

“It’s been a rodeo man. I can say that to the T, man. I’ve been on these motherfucking tours…I’ve been not inspired by shows. I’ve been frustrated because I had ideas I couldn’t execute,” comments Scott to the radio host Chase B. He claims that he had an inner frustration with the production of the album and admits and apologizes to fan that this is why Birds was delayed so much. He had so many other tid-bits to add and ideas to use, that it just didn’t sound right or ready yet to him. It had to be perfect, he had to “make sure that shit was right,” says American hip-hopper. The project was produced by the notorious Cashmere Cat, is super dynamic with features such as Kid Cudi on his track “Way Back,” Toronto rapper/producer Nav, Cassie, 21 Savage, and more!


The artist had been on tour with the not only Kanye West, but also The Weeknd, so there is no question in the world that Scott is a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop scene. He noted to Complex that “the Weeknd taught me how to make big songs. I love that type of show.” Right after, he also disclosed that he had finished his own album whilst on tour with West! “We finished this album on the Saint Pablo tour. I mixed and mastered this on the bus. We went from rehearsals with Kanye during the day and then go and mix the album.” Travis is done with all of this partnering up though and is ready to take the spotlight and be the main act for his ownshow, so expect that to be a thing very soon!


Scott dropped this album in a very Frank Ocean-like fashion by premiering it on a day no one expected. He told us one day in July, then another in August and both passed without any hint of music. But are we complaining now? No, absolutely not!

We also learned that the “Night Rider” rap-singer locked in a deal with Apple Music, thus distributing his work on their platforms from here on out. He had said in the past, “I just did my partnership with Apple Music and shit…Larry’s fucking amazing. That dude, he believes. He’s always talked to me when I was like beginning off. He always gave me that advice. You know, just to figure out where I’m going. So, I’m glad he’s down to take this trip with the kid and with this album; it’s super good.”


Guess what? Scott isn’t done here yet either. He’s a jet-setter and a go-getter as he has already began to plan his third album, ASTROWORLD!

You can listen to Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight on Apple Music below.



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