Take/Five Drops Final Summer 2k16 Banger “Tell Me”

Tell me what to do…

EDM superstar label Trap Nation brings you another successful and fantastic pop-trap anthem to close out the summer with this single by Take/Five titled “Tell Me.”

The exotic-sounding track just released a few days ago, but now it’s now out and about and carrying a force of electronic power behind it. “Tell Me” is an impressive single, that still follows the typical indie-pop vocals and future bass heavy method, but that’s what makes it work! The dreamy and un-earthly, angelic vocals carry your soul across the instrumentals as if transcending into a whole new dimension.

The single has an overall stunning format and will remind you of work done by some great names such as Porter Robinson, Madeon, and Adventure Club. Take/Five has always been able to incorporate beats that bite deeply and that is what he has done here, along with a gorgeously intertwining melody. The light airy vocals against warped progressions and drum roll hits carry on like a chant onto the battlefield as all is set in formation, and then the drop emerges and takes your calmed nerves on for a wild journey of musical ride of sensations.

It is the perfect chill out, workout, or hangout song and definitely represents our official call to the end of summer! Though released under Trap Nation, this is most definitely less of a trap-centric tune and much more of the positive, inspiring, and enlivening track that does hype you up, but in the smoothest and calmest of ways. However, it still includes many of his trap skills and stays true to who Take/Five and his music are.

The publication Stereofox once noted that “The rising beat smith showcases his prowess and finesse when it comes to making a song that will go off on any dance floor. Keep an eye out, he’s not one to miss!”

No, he is not! Take/Five has already gained recognition from some pretty big people in the electronic dance music industry such as Diplo, Flosstradamus and Dyro, and has also been featured in shows from these artists like Apple Beats 1 & BBC Radio 1! #highpraise.

This will be considered Take/Five’s second successful track drop since his last Trap Nation release “Requiem”, which actually got 10 million plays on Trap Nation’s YouTube channel!

The ultimate festival setter, this song really deserves as much recognition as possible, so be sure to listen to it up above! AND…

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