[Exclusive Interview]: Canadian EDM Duo Fabrikate & Their Latest LP ‘Bodies’

Fabricating the right music… ta da!

Say hello to two of some of the two coolest, suavest dudes in the EDM music world, Fabrikate. Not much is known about these mysteriously masked figures with insanely epic and stunningly produced music, but what we do know is that you better get to know these guys and their sound because they will be the next big thing!

This Canadian-born duo have been up to a lot of neat stuff in the past coming months, and recently they had released their debut album Bodies on May 13th via Kookoo Records. FINALLY! A lot of times, entirely well-constructed EDM projects are hard to come by since it’s very difficult to make each song unique from each other whilst still making the album flow as one; however, that wasn’t and isn’t the case for Fabrikate. Bodies is a mystical creature of its own with a vibe that breathes soundwaves into your soul. You can listen to the full-length album above!

Off the compilation, their hit single “Want You To Know” reached No. 14 on the iTunes charts, which is massive for them in a field that is extremely competitive and high-demanding. They have also been critically acclaimed, recognized and supported by the EDM heavy-weight champ, Diplo, and by the esteemed electronic music publication YourEDM.

The LP’s deep house beats, generous doses of synth-tides, and strong vocal croons transforms these records into a flawlessly created and strung together set of sounds.

Their bouncy, hypnotic tunes turn your mind in a million directions as your body constantly wishes to move, sway, and dance. The dancefloor literally calls your name as you disappear into the world fabricated by these two DJs and their digital sounds.

LP Cover Art

They are certainly leaders of electronic composition and talented in that they can achieve their desired sound. They are the puppeteers of body language and the commanders of future bass with these compelling tracks all stacked in one!

 So, now allow me to introduce you to these talented & hysterical producers. Here is our interview!:

Neelu Mohaghegh (Me; NM): Introduce your selves! Where are you guys from? What are your names?

Fabrikate (F): Well hello there! We’re Fabrikate from Canada, and we make music that even your mom likes. We would love to tell you our names, but our manager confiscated our ID’s a while ago and we totally forgot them. There’s a vowel or two in there, we think… When we’re in the same room with other people, they usually address the blank space in between our heads and call that Fabrikate.

NM: What got you guys into music in the first place?

(F): We were both brought up in very musical families. Both of our parents always had music playing, and would take us to shows at an early age. Oddly enough, we were born a few years apart and grew up in different environments, but we both have the same musical taste and influences.


NM: What is the Canadian music scene like?

(F): The Canadian music scene is blooming right now thanks to many major acts like Drake, the Biebs, The Weeknd, only to name a few. We’ve always been very open and diverse here, but lately it feels like the whole world is being more attentive to our music and our sound, so we’re seeing some of our more underground homies flourish internationally. Look at Kaytranada for example, he’s been around for a while, and now he’s finally getting his big break. Bout’ time eh?

NM: How do you guys describe your sound? How do you think it sounds different from other producers in the same field, and what separates you from them?

(F): Being two incredibly sexy individuals, we choose to write music that matches our persona. Our album “Bodies” is just that, really. We think of our music in terms of aesthetic instead of genre. We tend not to associate ourselves with any other producer or DJ out there, because we like to think our music can fit into any genre or style. We try to be as diverse as we can while keeping the sounds coherent.

NM: What about electronic music do you think makes it such an important genre for music?

(F): It’s about having endless possibilities. No restraints at all, you know? With today’s technology, electronic music producers really can push the envelope as far as they want to. You don’t even have to be a crazy good musician anymore, you just need to be creative. Not to mention that electronic music lets you bypass a significant portion of the music industry. For the longest time producers and bands have been banging their heads over how to pile enough money to get in the studio to cut a record, and today you can make an international smash hit with your laptop and cheap pair of headphones while you’re sitting on the toilet bowl. What a time to be alive.


NM: How do you see the EDM scene right now? Is it at its peak? Or is it losing ground? Or is transforming, and into what?

(F): To be honest we’re not even sure what EDM means anymore. What we do know is that the scene is always evolving, and we’re stoked to see that people are becoming aware and vocal about some of the fakes out there. EDM needs to go back and revisit its roots; remember when people actually danced together instead of jumping and staring at a DJ for hours?

NM: How was it like making your EP? What was the overall motivation behind its fabrication? (no pun intended) And what is your favorite song off of it?

(F): It was a difficult thing to start off, to be honest. We knew what we wanted, but the tough part was figuring out how to get there. It took a while for us to realize that we were actually making better music when we were just having fun and jamming away instead of writing with super specific intentions. The second we cut our first record, “Took A Long Time”, it didn’t take long (no pun intended) to build some momentum and blaze through the other 9 songs. We usually don’t like to pick out a favorite track off the album, but only because it’s you, Neelu, “Took A Long Time” holds a special place in our hearts, mainly because it’s our first single.

me: Awwww, gee thanks.  🙂

NM: What is the song writing process for you guys like? How do you go about it?

(F): We’re pretty straightforward when it comes to that. One works on the track while the other completes a series of tasks to win back the producer’s chair. It’s usually stuff like underwater backgammon versus master level CPU’s, training a polar bear to say “Get off the chair”, etc. Nothing worth elaborating on, really.


NM: How did you come up with the name “Fabrikate?”

(F): We realized that today’s acts are often “fabrikated” from top to bottom. The image of the artist has become almost as important as their music. We thought it would be funny to name ourselves “Fabrikate” and wear masks to hide our identity. It’s some sort of statement, though we’re not sure exactly what it is we’re saying. The beats are coming out good, which is all that really matters.

NM: Who are your musical inspirations? (artists, or even just people in your life)

(F): Oh, we have a lot of those. Guys like Giorgio Moroder, Lime, Kavinsky, Daft Punk, Justice, Frankie Knuckles, and our english bulldog mascot, Mickey.

NM: What is your favorite song?

(F): At the moment? Justice’s massive new single “Safe And Sound”. It’s a modern day masterpiece.

NM: If you could collaborate with an artist or artists, who would that be?

(F): If we could go back in time and collaborate with Giorgio, or have Donna Summer sing on one of our tracks, that’d be too good to be true. Today, the Weeknd. He has an absolutely amazing voice. We got the chance to meet him in a studio session last year in Montreal, so hey who knows, maybe sooner than later!

NM: Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 year from now? In 10?

(F): Well, hopefully in 5 years we’ll have a few more albums in the bank and a couple world tours under the belt. 10 years? Owners of a Fabrikate Burger fast food franchise, where we specialize in welding the cheese to the patty. Gotta set the bar high in life.

NM: What is the weirdest experience you guys have ever had while performing your music?

(F): A girl just shamelessly took her panties down right in front of our booth in the middle of the dance floor and… spinned her own set, if you know what we mean, in front of at least 150 people. Gotta applaud the openness, though.

NM: When you guys are not doing music, what are you doing?

(F): We’re always making music or doing something that revolves around the music we make. Sounds sad, but it’s actually amazing.

NM: What is one place you guys haven’t performed at yet, but want to one day?

(F): Has to be Coachella. The vibes there are amazing. You guys are from Boston, right? Any spare hookups at Fenway?

NM: What is one word of advice you would give to aspiring student musicians/artists out there who want to do what you do?

(F): Work your ass off. Just being a talented musician today is not enough. You need to be very clever, self-educated, patient and opportunistic. And time is your greatest asset, so use it wisely!

NM: Thank you guys! This was great!

That was it between the EDM superstars and myself, so now your job is to go get your bodies moving to their music. Time to vibe, man.

Follow and check them out on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, SpotifyInstagram, and their Official Site.


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