[Exclusive Interview]: Sammy Adams & ‘The Long Way Tour’ Giveaway

A helluva night

“The answer is ‘No,’ I will not have sex with you!” shouted the American hip hop recording artist, Sammy Adams, during our very special, exclusive interview.

On September 3rd, the Boston-native, and Cambridge-local rapper, came back home one more time before heading off on what will be a very big journey for him, his The Long Way Tour, this fall 2016. He performed his Back to Bentley concert at Bentley University that night along side Waka Flocka Flame. (Get a recap of the night HERE.) I had the wicked opportunity to sit down with this talented individual and had a great conversation about taking a look from his perspective of the tour, the music, and college life.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

Some of you may remember Adams back in the early 2000’s when Samuel Adams Wisner, better known by his stage name Sammy Adams, exemplified his talents for what could be considered the “hip-pop” scene. He comes from his musically humble beginnings as a college student, creating and recording songs on his Macbook from his dorm room, but with diligent work and an ear for the beat, the former D1 soccer athlete actually turned his words and thoughts into lyrics and the music into his baseline, thus creating his songs we so adore today.

Adams has certainly made a name for himself and he is not intending of going anywhere now except up. He’s come this far and he plans on going even farther. Already, the hip hop star has been recognized and showcased by notable events, venues, and figures such as Lollapalooza, Billboard, Sony (being signed to RCA Records with them), Conan O’Brien, AT&T, Artist Direct, Teen Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, and many more!

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

This 29-year old heartthrob and party starter never lost his momentum and never truly lost his fans as demonstrated that night at Bentley University, when the crowd, quite literally, LOST IT as his voice filled the space and then as he jumped onto the stage. The down-to-earth and authentic character he was and is made everyone more than happy to be among his presence that night.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

Wild, fun, erotic, humorous, energized, passionate, and so many more characteristics bound together, Adams brings life to the party of every joint he hits up. I mean that literally. With a lot of highs and lows in this individual’s life, Wizzy has not once let it get between him and his passion, which is music. He truly loves his art and shows it in the hard work that he puts into each project. A while back, before the release of his most recent album The Long Way (which the tour is dedicated to), he put out a visual experience of his endeavors to create this project and what it took. He really wants to connect with the audience, with the listeners and fans. He wants to relate to people and be a resource to them and offer the best package of good vibes and good times all in one to them. His music is forceful, profound, enlivening, hysterical and rhythmic. The hot tunes are able to get you moving, even against your will, and you can’t help but sing along to the contagious lyrics of his infectious music.

Adams’ first EP, Boston’s Boy was released on March 4th back in It instantly ranked No. 73 on the Billboard 200 Charts and then reached the No. 1 spot on iTunes! That was when we knew, we had a musical extraordinaire before us.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

So, hold up now, because here comes my EXCLUSIVE interview with Sammy Adams, who really has a great sense of humor and a lot of heart & spirit behind his artistry:

Neelu Mohaghegh (Me, NM): First question, so first of all great show…”

Sammy Adams (SA): NO! I will not have sex with you!!

*Cue intense laughter from everyone in the room* and after recovering from that..



See the moment unfold^

NM: So, first of all, how excited are you for this tour, The Long Way Tour?

SA: I’m really excited, it’s like the first time I don’t have to pay f*ng people that regardless helped start my career. So, it’s like some new music some old music, but it’s like being out on the road again, and like the road culture really shaped my life in the last decade, that it’s great, cuz we’re either in the studio or we’re like flying to do something or do a show, or on the road. So it’s nice that I’ve had a little build up since the spring to be in the studio, I made a sh*t ton of new music which is awesome. And I can go showcase some of it now, like I used to play “Closer” coming up to frat parties and see which ones would go on and be the best and that’s how I would design the set. And so I was really nervous like a month ago cuz like regular things artists worry about having a perfect set production, I don’t give a sh*t about how many tickets were sold, that’s like sort of behind me, I’ve like pretty much sold out shows in Boston and other places … But it’s like being out on the road is fun, getting the right crew is the most essential thing, because you’re only as strong as you’re weakest link.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

NM: So, should we expect anything new or is there anything that you’re keeping secret from us on this tour?

SA: Yes, I have this new song called “The Road” with this kid Aziz the Shake. He’s the f*kng man. So that’s really exciting, I have a ton of other music too and so we’re definitely testing that out on the road.

NM: So, do you have a concert mantra before you’re about to perform?

SA: Umm… I really try to focus on “me time.” Sometimes if I’m feeling really stressed or agitated or if it’s a big show, I’ll clear the room and I’ll just get my down time. As you can imagine, with a crew of Boston boys it’s not the quietest place in the world, as they kind of are right now…

The artist turns around and smiles at his boisterous squad conversing and laughing with one another around us in the room then turns back to continue speaking with me.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

SA: But yes, I do sort of like, I don’t know it’s sort of like rehearsal, I listen to my music all day, listen to my set one time through before we got out and then we just rock it. Sometimes I get f*king crazy anxiety for no apparent reason, and whether it’s because I’m hungover or something has happened in my life, what people don’t realize is that I still have to go on stage for f*kng an hour even if my girl dumps me or cheats on me or like one of my boys died on Sunday and I had to come do this [the Bentley show] and you just got to roll with the bunches, and I have definitely learned how to do that. It has definitely been a huge hard learning curve, but you know it is what it is. It kind of comes with the territory. You know it’s like playing at shows, I would much rather play a 60 minute set then work at a f*kng gas station for 12 hours of the day.

NM: Right, it’s your passion and you’re doing what you love.

SA: Ya, so I definitely can’t complain.

Adams then jests a funny side comment “don’t make me look bad!” to which we both begin chuckling about.

NM: So, is this what motivates you when you go live and keeping going, knowing that you’re doing what you want to do?

SA: Ya, I think I wanna…my earliest memories of going to shows and sh*t, I was such a fan boy, I would go see Taking Back Sunday, and Yellowcard, and Something Corporate, and I was just so enthralled by the like, half the time, I wasn’t even looking at the f*kng stage. I would be looking at all of the people, all of the fans and what motivates them to be so anxious and amped and have so much f*king energy. I remember one of my first shows, I remember thinking holy sh*t this isn’t f*cking real. I mean some of the shows I did when I dropped Boston’s Boy was literally like out of a f*kng dream, and like it was all from my dream! And you know, all of the sh*tty stuff that comes with it, like you just gotta roll with the punches, because I’m so blessed to be here, and cuz like holy sh*t that stuff never ends! Haha.

NM: Ya, there will always be bad and good.

SA: Exactly, it’s honestly like I think I get inspired more and more when I’m on stage now because it reminds me of when I was a kid and when I used to see artists, and I just want to be that image that I used to see so that I say “Holy sh*t, this is real for me.” You know I was always the new kid and I went to high school, so I always fit in and stuff so I could literally go out with them and probably make friends. I’m close with my people. And so it’s definitely a dream job.

He smiles as he says that, possibly looking back at how far he has come. He then turns around to ask his crew mates to make him a “strong drink.” A well deserved reward for an epic and successful production and execution of the show. A job well done.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

NM: So, now for a few college questions since we are a collegiate national publication. I know you went to Trinity College, so what did you study while you were there?

SA: I did! Political Science. My focus was political theory.

NM: Awesome. Do you feel like it may have turned you towards where you are in your life now with your career decision? Did it help with anything?

SA: I think it undeniably helped in terms of vocab. College taught me that I wanted to read more. The last thing I wanted to do in college was read what was assigned, but like now I read a book a week.

NM: I’m sure it helped lyrically and writing wise.

SA: Ya, definitely, and I think more than anything songwriting and stuff, it is an art, but you also need to be witty, you need to be smart, you need to have an idea and a direction. So, it’s cool! It’s like Machiavelli and Socrates don’t exactly pertain to rap music, I meac Tupac Machiavelli 😉 , but you know it’s like with that sh*t owning the crowd is like the principality. You want to be loved and feared, but you never want to be hated. And so you play for a crowd, and I’ve only had one crowd who hated me, it sucks, so long story short, the second tour we had was just…

We were interrupted at this moment for him to hug some dear friends and thank them for coming to his show which was all an extremely sweet exchange between them all, and so for timing purposes we jumped to the next question.


NM: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while performing?

SA: Oh, does it have to be performing?

NM: Oh, it can be anything if you got it!

SA: Oh ok! So, the most embarrassing thing that happened not performing (technically, depending how you take it), I lost my voice right before my Lollapalooza set, and I was freaking out, so I got two shots in my ass that literally my legs feel like a horse kicked me as hard as he could in both of my buttocks and so I was trying to steam out all of these toxins. So of course not even a hotel shower is going to get hot enough to f*kng steam it, but I get out of the bathroom and my bathroom is sitting on the couch and he’s like “Yo, Wiz, the doctor is here.” So the doctor comes in and she has an intern, and the intern was a girl probably my age at the time, 21 or 22, and my friend goes “Oh, Wiz!” And I’m so frail and dehydrated, and I’m like “What, dude?!” and the chick starts giggling, and I’m like what is this chick laughing at me, and my friend goes “yo, look,” and my dick is just hanging out of my boxers and the entire medical crew and all of my boys are just laughing their a**es off, and I’m just like “alright, I f*king can’t win.” So, that was that.

The most embarrassing thing that happened on stage was at Opera House in Toronto, when I went to go change my Dockers and I was in such a rush because they had such a hard stage time that I forgot to put my boxers on and I didn’t put on my Dockers, I put on a manager’s Dockers, which were a little bit smaller I would say. So, while on stage I stage dove and then I came back on stage and full on rip, balls out, and so I was full on nude, and the crowd loved it, but I didn’t, I mean who wants to see that?


NM: Haha, oh my god. Ok ok, so my last question, very different from the last, haha, for students who are aspiring to do what you do, what is your biggest advice or biggest take away for them? What kind of advice would you give to them?

SA: Don’t listen to anyone about anything. Maybe listen to vets or people that you meet, but what I mean is develop your craft. The biggest f*kng thing ever for me if you ever do get somewhere is under-promise and over-deliver. Like always be prepared too. Being over-prepared, you’re going to be able to deliver whatever you want. Like if I know every single song, and I know every drop, and I get everything dotted and we’re performing it next week, it’s going to be amazing. But then there will be times where you won’t have enough time to do all of that and those are the stressful ones, but really for aspiring people, just go for it man. For me, if I never went this and I was just working some other job I know for the rest of my life I would wonder why I never did that man. I’m Getting F*kng Old Man!

NM: Hahaha, thank you so much, Sammy for the time!

So, yes that was it! As a man who puts his heart out there for his fans and is willing to give his all to his performances, I can really say Adams is a genuine, fun, and talented person.


His tickets are available now, so be sure to get yours! To see his tour dates, check out the flyer below!:


In addition to all of this incredibleness (in case there wasn’t enough), Verge Campus & GoodMusicAllDay are promoting a free ticket to any Sammy Adams show during the tour to lucky winners out there who enter and win this Giveaway Contest! So, what are you waiting for?! Enter HERE now! Go Go Go!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear more from this amazing hip hopper as he takes you the whole long way with him on his tour! Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat @sandyadams and be sure to like his Facebook and check out his Official Website! Hope to see you there 😉

*All Photography Credits to Neelu Mohaghegh


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