Electric-Hip hop Artist VNCHY Drops Track “Unpredictable” Produced by Bijan Amir

Don’t expect it

With already a lot of large-named recognition under his belt, this rap artist known as VNCHY continues to climb the music industry staircase with his beats and his tunes. The Toronto-based hip hopper recently released a new single titled “Unpredictable,” which gives off an interesting perspective of his music. Not much like his past work, it shows how VNCHY has tried to immerse himself with new forms of musical experimentation.

His slow, rhythmic melodies compliment his emphatic rap verses, and at times he tends to incorporate moments of monologues in order to keep his music dynamic. You can listen to the new track now above!


So far, this young man has been praised by such notable publications as HipHopDX, Noisey, 2DopeBoyz, Djbooth, GoodMusicAllDay (in the past), HipHopCanada, Earmilk, The A&R Report and The Hundreds!

The grooves to his music, especially on “Unpredictable,” demonstrate how this artist in this neo-R&B/hip hop realm relays his passion for the art. He speaks about the trials of love and pain whilst surrounding the meanings with heavy subwoofer bass and grimy synths, smoothed out by a steady tempo. This song will act as the first single off of his upcoming EP/project, Eminent. 


In an interview with Noisey Canada’s staff writer Phil Witmer, VNCHY expresses his reasoning behind the song titled and how he aims to be “unpredictable” in his musical career.

(PW:) Why is the song called "Unpredictable"? 
 [V:] Due to the heavy saturation of information in today's society, a lot of relationships have taken a dull turn. It's the unpredictability we seek in our significant others that keeps the flame burning, for without that there would be no point.
(PW): How do you personally aim to be unpredictable? 
 [V]: The element of surprise has always been of incredible value to me. Maintaining one's rarity and ensuring that every move made is precise goes a very long way. The final target may be predictable, but the method and means are forever a mystery.

And a mystery he is. Coming from a rich music city, this artist has to prove what makes him unique and novel in the ears of his listeners. With “Unpredictable,” we get a new style of sound, painted by funk noises, raspy vocals, and heavy trap-house white-noises. And just as its title expresses, it’s a song that keeps you constantly expecting something, but then confused when what you assumed would occur, didn’t. It’s a damn vibe-y track.


What we should expect on this new project? No one knows, but we should expect it to be wicked dope. This would not be the artist’s first time working with Bijan Amir on a track, and so together, they were able to keep the chemistry flowing.

Nonetheless, VNCHY’s got a defining voice. At times his voice is off tune in a way that fits the music, at times the beat is off-hand, or the music volume is fragmented, but no matter what you think, this is VNCHY. You can recognize a shattered emotion layered within the cracks of the songs.

So, come on. You know you’ve been wondering where he got his name, right? Take a guess? VNCHY is a reference to the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci, (no, not the fashion brand Givenchy), because he felt that there was something to be said in the link and connection between art forms such as the musical and visual domains.


Back to the focal song, it is simple yet complex, and sinister. It flexes vulnerability and perplexity and leaves you wishing for something more, or something out of the ordinary to strike at any moment. VNCHY intends to leave you waiting, helpless, curious, and hungry.

This slow-jammer is much like a coarser version of PARTYNEXTDOOR & Bryson Tiller combined – smooth, melancholy, auto-tuned, charismatic, and simple. Some of his previous work includes “No Kobe,” “19+,” “Owens,” and “Hold Me Down.” All pieces that gained him a lot of attention.

I will say he still has a lot of room to grow, especially instrumentally; however, I think as he continues to develop his sound and produce more music (and perhaps an EP or LP), we will get more of this already well-constructed artist’s musical adeptness, because he has already become a force to be reckoned with among many and has already put out some notable work.

Go on and listen to the song now! Let us know what you think!


Liked what you heard? Unexpected? Unpredictable? Yeah, so go check him out on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his Official Site!


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