[Premiere]: JSWISS & Jared Evan Collab for Soulful Hip Hop Track “Glass Case”

Charisma and fire

That would be the two words to describe this song in a short way. Produced by The Arcitype, this track titled “Glass Case” is a hot rhythmic song with the R&B and Hip hop vocals of both New Yorkers JSWISS and Jared Evan. Together the two premiere and develop a silky and sultry collaboration between rapper and singer-songwriter worlds about the struggles of being labeled and cast aside in life and in art.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 2.18.54 PM.png

This anomaly is to feature as the 2nd single off of Boston-based label, Leedz Edutainment’s upcoming LP, Eastern Standard. In this track, these two musicians bring the funk and charisma to their song, whilst exchanging breaths of air and conversation between heavy beats and progressive melodies. With a nature that is both stoic and suave Evan’s voice captures your mind and ensnares you in his metaphoric glass case of wonder, and JSWISS produces the rhythms to your blurry subconscious and whirlwind-like daydreams. Both artists stand out as adept curators of sound, without obnoxiously jutting out of the piece. In fact, they perfectly blend together as one.

Behind this glass case
They got my on display
And its strange
I feel so out of place
In this glass case

, sings Evan in a pleading trance-like way.

It’s a riveting track with a mellow personality. With potential to be the chillest song of the year, this song totally entices the mood of meditative reactions and inquisitive thoughts. The talented singer intertwines his soul with that of the MC’s swagger bringing an introspective connection between the artists on this record. Evoking just the right dose of feels, the melancholic harmonies and upbeat tune embody a melange of genres, such as funk, R&B, soul, and hip hop all over an electronic/digital canvas.

It’s strange, wanna keep me in one place where
Individuality’s anomaly I take stares
All day my glass case a looking glass

, spits JSWISS


The Arcitype constructs the perfect soundscape for these adventurers of sound to tread on. JSWISS, with precision and emphasis narrates our interactions with the music and Evans soothes our wandering minds. It’s lyrically powerful and sonically profound. You can hear the instrumentals as it practically screams along side the dynamic, altering volumes of Evan’s vocals, begging to be freed from the confines of this case.

There’s a lot to love from this fresh single that was just dropped today, and compliments JSWISS’s recently released EP No Music. Rumor has it that Evan is also hard at work in the studio, so hopefully, we should be expecting something very soon!

You can listen to the song above and don’t forget to follow these individuals, who form a power duo, via their Twitter socials:


The Arcitype

Jared Evans

Leedz Edutainent


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