Guy Sebastian Stuns With New Power Electric-R&B Single “Candle”


You’re the only body I crave…

Guy Sebastian is back with another chilling and powerful track that will certainly have you jamming along to the sweet sultry melodies and charismatic constructions. The single, “Candle” carries the sounds of a dark, heavy electro-funk tone as Sebastian takes the lead to emphasize the emotions of love and turmoil.

Almost operatic and almost hard rock, we get a diversified perspective of Sebastian in this grungy funk track released via Sony Music Entertainment Australia. This Australian superstar is taking hold of his music and steering it off its usual path to give us this new sound that undeniably succeeds in creative composition.


“They don’t hold a candle to you…” singing-shouts the balladic singer as we begin to feel his anguish in the incantations of his music.

The Huffington Post deemed that “aside from totally killing it on the keyboard, Sebastian delivered some seriously soothing vocals leaving triple j listeners almost speechless.”

We’re truly being graced by the preview of this song because this is the first piece of work we get to hear from what will become a new studio-album for the performer. This digitalized form of soul music was a creation that came about after Sebastian worked with his close friends Jon Hume and Trey Campbell in the studio. And of course, like any good artist should, Sebastian put a deeper meaning into the track and wrote it for his wife Jules, who in fact loved this avant-garde twist of a serenade about staying true to your love and not straying away and getting caught up by others.


Sebastian delineated that “I like that I’m just throwing it out there, seeing what it does on its own legs.”  The song was fabricated out of impulse and became this incredible record almost as instantly as it was thought out.

Sebastian wanted to take a left turn this time around and leave the pop world behind. “You get thrown into a world and you just pedal and pedal to keep going. You’re living in constant fear that doing music for a living is only fleeting and you’ve got to make the most of it, so you don’t take a holiday and you don’t stop,” admits the singer-songwriter.

“Finally I took a moment to get off the treadmill and now I’m super inspired by the industry again because there’s no rules – and electronica is just killing it! I’ve never loved music so much.”


We really get a taste of Sebastian’s musical palette as he continues to explore it, develop it, and pursue it. A man of many talents, Sebastian has been working on and will continue to ameliorate on a fast track to success. Listen to his song now above and let us know what you think of it!

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