Nick Cincotta Remixes A Stellar Version of “Deja Vu” by Post Malone and Justin Bieber

He’s from Boston and he’s building a buzz.

Singer and rapper Nick Cincotta brings us an enchanting spin off of the already trop-ballad “Deja Vu” by post Malone ft. Justin Bieber, with his remix “Tempur-Pedic.” In this revitalized track, we get a whole new lullaby that caresses our senses and takes us for a ride on the vibe-mobile. Cincotta reminds you of a smoother Sammy Adams & Jake Miller. He also carries the energy and sexiness of Trey Songz along with the rhythms and beats of Chris Brown and Drake. With a cool and collected sound, this artist’s remix could stand on its own as an incredibly favorable record.

With strong beats and forceful bars this cha cha track dances around your thoughts and has you jamming to its cyclical tune. The vocals are great and it’s obvious from one listen that this 20-year old is not only innovative, but is also big on initiative, passion, and drive. In other words, this rapper has huge potential!


With this comical cover of love and passion by relabeling the tune to “Tempur-Pedic,” this Ndroid-produced composition demonstrates this musical connoisseur’s skills with the art. The up & down rhythms, the silky chord progressions, and tick-tock drum clicks keep you on the beat as if you’re pacing yourself. The overall reaction to the song places you in a state of comfort and nostalgia. He has great flow and lyrical delivery as he aims and fires his words at us and allows us to take it all in!

Begin to recognize the name because Nick Cincotta is creating his own flurry of original sonic fabrications to make it to the top. As a “hip-pop” artist from out of the Boston, MA area, he has already had much exposure to opening for bigger acts that come to the city. Cincotta has opened for artists in the past such as Fetty Wap, in front of 5000 people, as well as Kalin and Myles, Jake Miller, T. Mills, Mod Sun, Blackbear and has also had the honor of playing for big crowds at theme parks all throughout the vicinity. In addition, he has done shows with Skate Maloley and Sammy Wilk and will be a headliner for his own show this September 24th, in Boston, at the Middle East Downstairs.


Better get your tickets now though because they’re almost sold out! Almost a full show!

This young man, Cincotta, has been making music for 7 years now, and over the course of that time, he has released 5 projects of his very own. He recently had released his album titled The Breakthrough (Deluxe Edition) and just from that harbored a lot of attention. He has a large and loyal fan base that only seems to be getting bigger! It’s great seeing people from around the area doing successful things with what they love to do.

Show him some love and support and check out Cincotta via TwitterFacebookInstagram, andSoundCloud!


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