On The Verge Radio Show: Episode 1 On WTBU Radio

You’re listening into 89.3 FM // 640 AM, Channel 6 on BU Cable and this is ON THE VERGE.

Today  was the Boston University chapter’s first ever premiere of its radio show “On The Verge.” Our chapter was really excited to get together our very own program on the renown college radio station WTBU Radio. With the help of graphic designer James He, we got to put together a stunning visual image for the show’s logo and with the diligence and great work of one of our social media managers Angeli Rodriguez, we were able to put together our segment!

Today, on Sunday, September 18th, from 10 AM-12 PM, our witty and lovely writer  Latifah Obaid and our comical new radio recruit/intern Kaelyn accompanied me for our first episode! We got on air introduced ourselves, played some of our music from our weekly updated Spotify playlists, and chatted about some of the latest articles being written on our online publication!


Some of the topics ranged from subjects such as the new Disney production Moana, Mac Miller’s dating situation, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, the VMAS, school & BU, Amy Schumer, Justin Bieber’s music video “Cold Water,” etc.!

In addition, we played our coziest playlist, perfect for this rainy/gloomy day in Massachusetts created by Obaid, titled “Sweater Weather.” Curl up with your baggy sweater and hot tea in hand to this mellow tracklist that will take you away to a serene haven of comfort. Some of the songs included tracks like “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood, “Space Song” by Beach House, “Creep” by Ember Island, “Hannah Hunt” by Vampire Weekend, “Gooey” by Glass Animals, “Should Have Known Better” by Sufjan Stevens, and so many more!


So, will all of this being said, we are obviously asking you to tune into our show next week, not because you have to, but because you totally should. It will always be filled with fun news, sarcastic lines, casual convo, interesting topics, and of course, wonderfully fresh music for your musical palettes. Be sure to check us out on 89.3 FM / 640 AM on WTBU Radio live HERE from 10 AM to 12 PM every Sunday for another fantastic episode with yours truly, Verge Campus BU. Stay Tuned!

Listen to Sweater Weather at VergeCampusBU on Spotify now below: 


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