Staying After Hours In the Coffee House Playlist

Time to stay after hours

One of the best places for college studying are within the confines of the serene and quirky atmospheres of coffee shops, and sometimes, you’ll find yourself finding a rhythm and working longer than expected. Now you’re sitting in during the after hours of the shop, and you know what you need? Music, duh. It is incredible how some places can have such a true affect on the way you achieve your goals. From calmness and serenity to heavy deep-vibes, this playlist is sure to create the right ambience for any one to enjoy. It could fit perfectly alongside the sweetness of a latte, or perhaps the foaminess of a cappuccino, but it also has the edge that accompanies the taste of the smooth yet bitter cold brew or straight up espresso.


With the smooth (and extremely eclectic) sounds of artists like River Tiber, Dave Brubeck, SOHN, Yuna, AlunaGeorge, James Blake, LANY, Jon Bellion, Blood Orange, KAYTRANADA, Beirut, Sufjan Stevens, Bryson Tiller, Mikky Ekko, Kevin Garrett, and so much more, you’ll find yourself never EVER being bored. Yes! That’s right- you too could be suave, hipster, cool, quirky, classy, chic, unique and any other word in the English language that fits a coffee shop setting.

Yup, here’s another fantastic playlist to zone you out as your sipping on your perfect cup of caffeine and dairy products and doing your work- what more could you possibly want or even need?

Don’t waste another second! Listen to the playlist ‘Coffee House After Hours’ below now!

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