Trap Artist Très Remixes French Singer Brigitte Bardot’s “La Madrague”

“La Madrague” aka Trap.

Tres Mortimer, née Kevin Fronckiel, is a Polish-American DJ/producer, who develops beats routinely as a living. This 2 minute and 14 second creation is something sweet, melodic, soothing, and erotic in that nostalgic, seductive bubble-gum kind of way. With even a sinister air about it, the song carries you through a throwback track as you wander across your daydreams fabricated by your mind. Artists that Très enjoys are digital curators such as Kaytranada, Mura Masa, Louis the Child, Cashmere Cat, Photay, Famous Dex, Young Chop, Nicholas Jaar, and Bonobo.

Why the 23-year old chose to take a vintage record and morph it into a millennial tune is because “he felt the power of her emotional vulnerability,” explains the artist. “She’s sharing innermost thoughts with the world, and that type of bravery is something I find so beautiful and remarkable”.


This internationally shaped & produced single keeps you wound down, chilled out, and dreamy as you go about tiny routine tasks in your everyday life. Think of this Logan Square Recordings rhythm builder as the narrator to your evening get together, your late nights of Netflix and chill, and your early Sunday mornings in the house.

The structure and finesse of the record is strange, yet enticing. It’s fictional in the most bizarre of ways, taking a classic French hymn and transforming it into a trap-ballad. There is an innocent and silent charisma in the melody and the slow tempo adds an aura of indifference and lust that just sets the mood right from the start of the track until its end.


You can listen to this Chicago-based record producer’s song above now!

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Enjoyed what you heard? Officially vibing? Then go vibe some more with Très via his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Official Site. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to hear more from this artist as he continues to grow & develop his musical skills, arrangements, and archives.


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