A Boston Breakthrough: Nick Cincotta Sweeps Boston’s The Middle East at Performance Last Weekend

A “Breakthrough” hits Boston

After reviewing one his outstanding remixes a few weeks ago, I had the chance to go with my fellow writer, Elena Moudios, to actually see this Hip-Pop artist take the stage at one of Boston’s best intimate music venues last Saturday afternoon, Cambridge’s nightclub The Middle East. Introducing Nick Cincotta, a man who knew that music was going to be a part of his life forever and who wasn’t going to let anyone get him down.

Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh

His music can be described as intense, rhythmic, hot, and charismatic. Of course, Cincotta brought that fire to his performance and I was blown away by the power this commander of verses had over the crowd. Though a smaller audience than what he was usually used to, that didn’t depress his energy; in fact, it seemed he brought even more life to his music as he spit bars and sung his heart out.

Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Nick Cincotta
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh

Needless to say, this pretty boy brought the hype, and I was amazed at the amount of people that showed up to the concert and behind-the-scenes for a show at 2 PM, and yet, all still exuded the excitement most commonly found in ecstatic teenagers. Seriously, I have never been to such an early concert (with the exception of music festivals) before. It was truly an experience to not forget. Whilst backstage, I had the chance of meeting so many people, artists of all kinds more specifically, such as other rappers who performed that day, managers, videographers, students, friends, photographers, DJ’s and more! All came out to help put the production together to showcase Cincotta’s latest project release Breakthrough. Quite the team!

Listen to the full-length album HERE. Also available via Spotify and iTunes now!

The compilation can be described as an exciting and thrilling adventure of the young  and the fast & furious. It has the high-adrenaline drum beats along with the serenading vocals and the melodic electronic-synth progressions. Get your party started the right way with this fun and exhilarating album that sings goodbye to summer days and thrusts us into the new seasons!

An overall dope execution of music live,  Cincotta galloped across the stage from one end to the other, high-fived the audience, laughed, danced, jumped onto inanimate objects, crooned, and so much more. This rapper-singer was certainly in his element, getting in the zone as he professed his new material with pride.

Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh

So, with all of this said you know what that means… Check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud!


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