The ‘Night Rider’ Playlist

This is for you late night owls.

That’s right, Verge Campus BU is back for another weekly update of music, and this time we’re vibing to deep house and alt-R&B/rock music. Being back to school means that we’re back to late nights of studying for courses that we or may not like, but it also means we get to develop a whole new study playlist to get you grinding through the night!

This playlist is just the antidote for your work-worrying woes! With a mix of slow and fast tempo-ed songs, you are bound to find your rhythm or beat that perfectly compliments your “in the zone” type thinking!

From electro-ballads, to heavy-hitting synths, to chiller atmospheric music, you’ll get a taste of it all. And for the most part,  the music should be the type that wouldn’t distract you (or at least hope they don’t.)

So, what does this spicy playlist got for you? Well, it consists of the musical stylings and auras of artists like Jarryd James, Broods, CeeLo Green, Major Lazer, KAYTRANADA, The Weeknd, The Neighbourhood, Blackbear, Mura Masa, NAO, Cashmere Cat, and more! Obviously a list you do not want to miss out on. Get to your desired study location, pop a squat, and plug in the earbuds because it’s time for you to blaze through some major school material. Catch ya on the flip side! Press Play!

[Bonus Track!]: Here’s another amazing song that can’t be found on Spotify, but is absolutely most deserving to be on this compilation of late night tunes!

Like what you’ve been hearing lately? Ya? So, why not follow us on Spotify then where you will be able to get the latest in music and a weekly updated playlist?! Check us out and follow! (P.S. Be sure to tune into us LIVE on our [Exclusive] radio show On The Verge, weekly on Sundays from 10 AM – 12 PM; just click HERE at the time to hear us play some of this music and some recaps of the latest news you’d want to hear!)


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