R&B Artist Jaylien Remixes Song with Sammy Adams & Premieres On Tour


Prepare yourself for the remix of the season!

In an epic fabrication of sonic composition, Los-Angeles based R&B vocalist Jaylien decides to combine his talents with that of Sammy Adams to create a chill and riveting remix titled “Summer’s Over.” When artists unite, they create something that becomes an entirely new song for listeners to experience, and that is exactly what these dynamic individuals did. In their departure from the sunny summer day’s the pair tone down the vibe and turn a melody into a refreshing, mid-tempoed, and grindy-synth-filled tune. This is their farewell to the lively and vibrant summer memories and their dive head first into the autumn chill and serenity of smooth vocals backed up by power that croon to your heart and mind’s content. This single is especially captivating because it carries a soft aura about it, with light vocals and beats, but then it is also revivified and aroused by impactful trap-snares and noises, which accumulate into one consolidated record.


The entirety of this song was produced by Jaylien, himself, and its original form featured on his latest EP release from this past summer as the  leading title track. The reverbs are crisp, the bass is bomb, and the cyclical nature of the verse to chorus transition is sound. Both artists’ tonality energy meld together flawlessly.

In this atmospheric, electro hip-hop rendition of his own music, the artist constructs an entirely new sound. The song grabs you by the heart strings, takes you from your summer daydreams, and seduces you into the calmness of fall leaf-fallen days. You can listen to the song ABOVE!

So aim it at me – when you load up that gun 📸: @clcpr

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In addition to the hype that already came about this re-branding and recreation, Adams & Jaylien joined forces to bring the track to life on stage while on the road for Sammy’s tour The Endless Summer Tour,  which eventually did end sadly, and arrived to its final stop. HOWEVERAdams is not ready to peace out to summer just yet. He plans to head back on tour this weekend along with R&B superstar Nelly. Check out the dates below and get your tickets HERE.

10.6.16 – Moorhead, MN (Fargo, ND)
10.7.16 – Mankato, MN
10.8.16 – Cedar Rapids, IA


No doubt, this new track will be the perfect start and end to your day as you completely zone into your own world and find a happier, calmer state of mind.  Listen to the song ABOVE NOW!


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