#OnTheVerge Episode 4: Interview with Artists Jean-Luc and Trevor Kaminski

Hello Again, Verge Campus Readers and GoodMusicAllDay Listeners! You’re listening in to 89.3 FM, 640 AM, Channel 6 on BU Cable or live at wtburadio.org and this is ON THE VERGE.

In this episode, we played some awesome new beats for y’all, talked Headlines & Hashtags, and interviewed two featured artists from Boston University, fellow seniors Jean-Luc and Trevor Kaminski!


It was a fun-filled and action-packed show this past Sunday! During our Headlines & Hashtags segment, we discussed some of the most pressing topics this week like the recent clown sightings (which we found that some of us interns had a deep phobia for), Kim Kardashian’s concierge writing an open letter about the gun-point incident recently reported, the new Power Rangers movie to be released starring an unfortunate cast like Becky G, the latest Netflix documentary premiere on the case of “Amanda Knox” (an article written by intern Latifah Obaid), and the unexpectedness of Kid Cudi’s announcement to check himself into rehab due to his suicidal thoughts!!!

WE  ALSO GAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ON A GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY! If you check out this article and enter the contest, you may have the chance to win two free tickets to see a Celtics Pre-Season game front & center row with VIP Putnam Club access included! Enter HERE.

DJ A-Rad (Aka Angeli) and DJ Lu-Nee Tunes (Aka Neelu) discussed their complete and utter sorrow for missing the KAYTRANDA concert that had occurred the night before, and then they proceeded to play his single “YOURE THE ONE,” which is also a part of our radio header. #noshame. For music, we  featured songs such as “My Hands” by AYER, “Balance” a remix by Joe Mason for a The Him ft Oktavian song, “The Mack” by Nevada ft. Fetty Wap, “THE MOVE” by Reva DeVito and produced by KAYTRANADA, and many more!

After a few laughs and giggles, we had the opportunity to bring on our featured artists and guests to jump into our Just College Things and #OnTheVerge Featured Artist segments to dive deep into an a fun, creative, and inspiring conversation about being a student and a musician and utilizing one’s resources in the city and finding the right friends and working together to construct something extraordinary. Both guys, Jean-Luc and Trevor Kaminski are seniors in Boston University’s School Of Communications, majoring in Advertising. Trevor is also minoring in Film/TV. The two linked up a while back and with Jean-Luc’s music and Trevor’s vision, they came up with the ultimate way to build the college spirit of art into one cohesive visual! Check out their 80’s funk-pop music video and track in the video below:

It is refreshing to see people who show such drive and passion for their work and include people into their worlds, because as we had mentioned on air, when it comes to art, from fashion to music to film and to visual art, everyone needs each others’ help to produce something of quality. In addition, we talked about college and the work and how for both Jean-Luc and Trevor, their studies taught them a lot about what is is they wanted to do and how to do it right.

Listen in to our interview and recap on the awesome playlist we put together, right now, right here:

Despite them being unable to give a rated-PG college story, we at least had an amazingly elaborate and dynamic talk with these two very talented yet humble human beings. We were honored to have them on the show. They’re #OnTheVerge of doing it big and doing it for real!

Check out Jean-Luc Music on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and Trevor Kaminski on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

And…. of course be sure to listen into us, On The Verge, every Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm on 89.3 FM, 640 AM, BU Cable channel 6, or online HERE!

*Videography courtesy of Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc*


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