The Unrecognizables Playlist

Here comes another week and that means a another start to a week of music.

Welcoming you to the unknowns of the music industry, those who get overlooked, and sometimes those who we do know but shock us with their unprecedented talent!

For example, who would have thought that the girl who brought us the bubble-gum hip-pop track “Whip My Hair” would also bring us this extremely melodic, indie, and erotic single “9” featuring TDE’s SZA. In addition, there are other growing musical wonders such as Greyson Chance who started out as a little boy covering popular songs on his piano, then became a one-hit-wonder with some pop tunes, but is now a sexy, grown singer-songwriter with an indie-R&B vibe; or there is ZAYN, the former One Directioner, who took it upon himself to pursue his solo career and become this edgy, sensual artist. No one else expected Niall Horan, his co-Directioner, to also come out with a record of his own or for The Weeknd to execute a deep-techno sound with his latest release”Starboy” featuring Daft Punk.

It’s always really refreshing to see old faces try something new, and though it may not always be 100% perfect each time, these guys I think managed to make par with their progressive sounds.

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