Brit-Indie Alt-Rock Band Catfish and The Bottlemen Take Boston

I would have paid to see Catfish and The Bottlemen “Twice.”

Last Sunday night, the British indie alt-rock band swept Boston’s House of Blues with their contagious and infectious sounds. With an incredible rush of adrenaline and thoughtfulness, Van McCann took the mic with force and stole the crowd’s hearts as he sung out to us all.

IMG_7719 2

The group went at it, not missing a beat, and not letting a single solitary moment remain silent. They played most of the songs off their recently released project The Ride, from favorites such as “7,” “Twice,” “Soundcheck,” “Postpone,” “Red,” and many many more.

For those who do not know, the band consists of members Van McCann, Johnny Bond, Benji Blakeway, Billy Bibby, Samuel John Halliwell, Jon Barr. Their big debut began when they released their first album The Balcony, back in January of 2015. This album accomplished great feats reaching the No. 10 spot in the UK Albums Chart and from then on, the rest was history.

We’ll be talking about your background
And how it never left you much
Because you grew up in a small town
You’ll appreciate it more
When you’re done figuring your life out
And everything’s fine



Their music has brought them far in already such a short period of time. They have already had the honor of performing at Governors Ball and Bonnaroo and they won their first Brit Award for British Breakthrough act in February of 2016. What differentiates these guys from most is just the charismatic approach to the noise they produce. They are fun, aggressive, passionate, and sweet all at once!

The Communion/Capitol Records signees brought back a new life to the post-punk revival scene with their heavy guitar-filled tunes, their melodic and indie-esque vibes. They were able to make me have butterflies in my stomach as I jumped and swayed alongside a sea of people, which created a massive wave of dancing bodies moving to the fast-paced tempo and thriving under the ever-changing hues of the neon lights.


They also continued to stir the crowd’s excitement by going back to their older records. They proceeded to perform “Fallout,” “Business,” “Pacifier,” and then for their finale, a throwback from their first album “Tyrants.” With an almost abrupt, yet flawless finish to their set, the boys strung the final riff and swiftly left the stage in the darkness of the space.

It was an unforgettable night as I felt the beating of my heart still running, as my ears were still ringing and stuffed with the noises of voices, rhythms and beats.

To hear more of their music, definitely check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Spotify (Which is below):


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