BU and Berklee’s Music Business Clubs: [Meet The Music] Networking Event ft. Russell Elliott

Where Music and Business Collaborate!

Boston University and Berklee College of Music’s Music Business Club came together to produce an incredibly unique event for college students and music lovers around!

On a mission to bring the music industry world to students aspiring to enter into the realms of the commercial side of the art,  these two organizations joined forces to create this event!


Located at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business from 7-10 pm, we had a former marketer of Republic Records and now a former music programmer for TouchTunes and an Artist Manager Carolyn Girondo and our featured artist Russell Elliot, a Brooklyn-based R&B singer-songwriter with an incredible handle on the music world and scene. He performed unplugged versions of his music and then him and Carolyn sat together for a segment of Q & A, answering attendee questions on the thoughts that lingered on their minds about everything pertaining to management, PR, record labels, performing, touring, and more!


Check out this remarkable up-and-coming artist’s music video HERE with over half a million views and be sure to stay tuned to his Official Site as he prepares to drop a new project very soon!

After Carolyn and Russell dropped some covetable knowledgeable info on the crowd, the event transitioned into a showcase of the represented artists of the respective MBC groups whilst the audience came together, networked, got to know one another, exchanged contact information, shared opinions and music, spoke with the artists there on deck and who had just performed and so on! Artists from Berkeley included Phé and Self Portraits, and from BU Una Angel and sound control by DJ Wandrew.

It was a wonderful night filled with sonic atmospheres and connections! Thank you to all!

Here are some images to give you a recap of the magically musical evening!

PC: Neelu Mohaghegh
PC: Neelu Mohaghegh
PC: Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc
Carolyn Girondo PC: Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc
Russell Elliott PC: Neelu Mohaghegh
Una Angel PC: Neelu Mohaghegh
Una Angel PC: Neelu Mohaghegh
Russell Elliott PC: Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc
Russell Elliott PC: Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc
PC: Neelu Mohaghegh
Self-Portraits PC: Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc
PHE PC: Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc
PC: Neelu Mohaghegh
Graphic by Brian Alwill

*Video Credit: Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc*


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