On The Verge Episode 7 [Halloween Edition]: Ft. R&B/Jazz Singer-Songwriter Una Angel


OTV is back again with another ‘Killer’ episode of our official radio & talk show, On The Verge! This is where you get the live action of news and music findings that you actually care about!

As usual we went over our Headlines & Hashtags with some steamy news on celebs! This included the That’s So Raven spinoff, Justin Bieber tantrum, Shailene Woodley arrest/protest, Justin Timberlake voting selfie debacle, and the James Franco’s HC endorsement. Wow, celebs are hitting the radars these days. With some quirky jest and some serious discussion, we got you through the mania that is the entertainment world.

And of course, because it was a show the day before Halloween (so Hallowseve), we decided to dress-up in costume. Only fitting, no? With capes, and furry ears, and Hawaiian shirts, and throwbacks, we were a squad ready to trick and to treat!

For our Just College Things segment, we took you on hilarious adventure of our halloween nights, including one of our intern’s, Kaelyn’s, first “Freshman Year Halloween Party”! Wish we had more time (or that we were allowed) to go into more detail, but that can wait for another time. 😉

After playing some sweet tunes like we always do from your favorites found and reviewed by GoodMusicAllDay, we got into our Featured Artist Interview segment with our special guest, Una Angel. Una is a sophomore at BU from a small town called Durham in North Carolina, but this girl is the definition of urban when it comes to her style and music.

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 22.21.35

We got to ask Una what it is like to be a student and a musician, what inspired to get into the genre that she is now, what kind of genre she would actually define her music as, and how she hopes to make it big in the music world. Her sweet voice is not only displayed in her music but also in the way she speaks, being the perfect character of angelic and sultry all in one.

She went over the process of songwriting in her own mind and the way she hears and sees music from the perspective of creating her new mixtape Put Me On. She also released a new music video for her single that comes off of the new project titled “Her,” which accompanies the broken vibes of love that she tries to express in her ominous lullabies. You can watch this music video HERE.

Finally, as we always do, we asked our jazz-pop star what she is #OnTheVerge of,  and in response she replied, “#OntheVerge of breaking the Top 40.” BOOM!

So there you have it! You can hear the full-length interview HERE and watch the radio promo recap above!

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 22.21.15

Check out more of Una’s stuff and stay up to date on her latest projects to come on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Official Site.

Listen to On The Verge on air every Sunday from 10 AM – 12 PM for your weekly refreshing dose of cool new music and amazing news coverage of the topics you truly care about! Find us at 89.3 FM / 640 AM or on BU Cable Channel 6 or at www.wtburadio.org or our mobile friendly app, the WTBU Radio App.



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