Leven Kali Drops Latest Neo-Funk Single “Joy”

Oh Joy!

Just in time for the season, neo-hip-funk & soul artist Leven Kali is back with another incredible melange of sound in his single “Joy,” which released today!

The song is everything the funkiest person would want! It’s got life, it’s got rhythm, and it’s got novelty. It’s fresh whilst utilizing old techniques. In fact, the song very much sounds like a hybrid between the Motown of Bruno Mars and the urban hip-hop of Kendrick Lamar. It’s

He just released this after having dropped his album 4102, a fun medley of charismatic and infectious tunes that is certainly a must-hear for those who are musically wanderlust search for the novelty within its industry.


“Now you might feel it take too long, but we gon’ keep fightin’ and keep on marchin’ to our dream, oh yeah…”

Sings the soul-extraordinaire. This song reflects upon the struggles socio-cultural struggles, but how there is hope that change will take place and happiness will once again prevail. When we last wrote about this profound artist it was back in the summer when Leven released his track “Cassandra.” Still a talented voice and producer, he doesn’t stop bringing a liveliness to his sound and a sort of brightness. We hear the plucks of the guitar, the strums of the bass, and the vocal flections which are as dynamic as the colors of the song’s cover art.

By sampling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s greatest speech, Levens makes the track come to life, and then almost thrusts you into a historical short film, reminding you there are other great figures who had and will have a voice amidst the crowd.

What makes Leven so unique is that he’s got his own vibe and each of his songs follow that consistently with force and power. He knows his sound and executes it well when it comes to the music, beat, and rhythm.

You can hear the new project in its entirety HERE  and listen to the fantastic new track above!11402535_847638701958169_5336968912918889364_o

Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram!


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