Braxton Cook Meets Jazz & R&B “Somewhere In Between”

Where jazz meets R&B somewhere in between…

Up and coming artist Braxton Cook is a novelty to look out for with his infectious musical stylings that commingle the improvisations of jazz music and the sweet seduction of R&B vocals. With this new release “Somewhere in Between,” Cook takes you on an incredible journey into the inner workings of his compositions and mind. The emotion behind not only the vocals, but also the instrumentals are incredible and bold. He utilizes his talents as a professionally trained saxophonist to compliment his new found voice.


The jazz-star explains that one has to be settled with themselves and that amidst the struggles of self-identity and truth against society “you can find balance in who you are [and] what others expect of you,” as long as you don’t hide from the authentic you. When listening to this song, you can picture sitting in a smoke-engulfed lounge with dim lighting and a whispering buzz coming from the anonymity of the crowd surrounding you. The song has no clear beginning and no clear end — it is just a hallucinogenic tune and a serene lullaby to drift you away as you allow Braxton to soundtrack your life with the croons of his saxophone and massage you with the layers of tonalities, intonations and drum beats.


This artist may not be a big name, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t or won’t be someday. He has already been recognized by acclaimed label and publication Saint Heron, who said that the song, with a “jazzy live instrumentation that is slightly orchestral in execution and the silky texture of Braxton’s voice, the single delivers honest and sincere lyrics.” He continues, “it’s about not conforming to how others think you should sound and how you should be. It’s about finding your path and sticking to it.”

The orchestral record creates the perfect backdrop of white noise against his sweet, chilling vocals. Cook’s voice is silky soft, and yet carries a force of its own, leaving you in a trance-like daze on a crisp sunny Sunday morning.


Braxton tugs at the heart strings, picks you up and places you somewhere in between bliss and a dream state.

Be sure to stay tuned to this sound & noise connoisseur; like him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram and Soundcloud!



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