Fitz and The Tantrums Electrify the Night at Boston’s House of Blues

“All of you sitting, that just won’t do!” shouted Michael Fitzpatrick, lead singer of Fitz and the Tantrums.

On November 15th, a warm and rainy night in Boston, the House of Blues was graced by the musical stylings of an amazing band, Fitz and the Tantrums! This American indie-pop / neo-soul band from Los Angeles has been riding the waves of fame as they grow their fan base more and more with each album they release. Their debut studio album began with Pickin’ Up the Pieces, then came their second project More than Just A Dream, followed by their most recent and self-titled album Fitz and the Tantrums.


fitz_mainIt was incredible. The concert instantly began with flashing lights and bold vocals as crowd members of all ages and types stood in excitement and awe at the energy brought by the artists on stage. The band consists of members: Fitzpatrick, as lead vocals,  Noelle Scaggs, as co-lead singer and percussionist, James King, as instrumentalist (saxophone, flute, keyboard, percussion, and guitar), Jeremy Ruzumna, as keyboardist, and John Wicks, as drums and percussion. Fitzpatrick was jovial as he cracked jokes between each song and as people cheered and laughed along with him.

Photo Credits: bostontamcam

The saxophonist of the band then took the forefront of the stage as he masterfully played some of the best improvisation I have EVER heard. It was stunning, mind-blowing, and enlightening, truly. The most hysterical moment in his performance was when he all of sudden began playing the tune to “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo. At that time, the crowd went wild. This band is just an extremely talented and well-rounded group of individuals that the music industry has not seen in a while. Back in April of 2011, Fitz and the Tantrums were deemed by the music-publication-god itself, Rolling Stone, as a “band to watch.” Now, we’re here!

Fitz and co. have certainly evolved from the initial sound that they once had. They have now come to find more solidarity in the modern 80’s techno-indie-pop tunes they produce, and of course, it works! Within the storm of noise, the crew found their real element and true identity.


To match along with their exuberant charisma, the lights and staging, though simple, perfectly reflected the emotions behind each of their songs. Scaggs and Fitz danced their hearts out and had the crowd jumping with them as the musicians had the crowd dancing and swaying in every direction possible. It seemed that everyone in the venue space forgot their troubles for the hour and half we were all together. It is easy to describe this band as the epitome of the saying, “your vibe brings the tribe.” There is no doubt that his band brings the vibe and along with it came their tribe of fun-loving spirits all into the music because it’s a good time and a feel-good experience.


Everyone was clapping, swaying, jumping, swinging, stepping, stomping, and more! When they sang their song off of their sophomore album “Out of My League” the crowd instantaneously rejoiced!

Fitz is known to have a very bold voice, much like Freddy Mercury and Scaggs steals hearts with her music and majestic appearance. When the two combine to form their dynamic duo, their voices become this other dimension of reverberations and creativity. Scaggs, like a glamorous gypsy, danced, sang and played her tambourine all across the stage and back as she and Fitz danced to a choreographed piece together. They rallied the crowd to evoke an engaging, epic, and interactive show!

Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

In addition to some of the songs mentioned, they also sang:

“Burn It Down”

“Out of My League”

“Break The Walls”

“Run It”

“Roll Up”

“Get Right Back”

“Walking Target”


and more!

In an elegant and pristine storytelling voice, Fitz spoke to the audience before each song to get them hyped up and to also thank them for their graciousness, love and support!

Photo Credits: bostontamcam
Photo Credits: bostontamcam

The love was so real in the room that when they cam back out for their encore, they played 3 more songs!!! Those songs included their latest hit “Handclap,” “The Walker,” and one other!

To hear more from this incredible group, check them out on Spotify!


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