Electronic Power Duo Koven Releases Thrilling New EP ‘Come To Light’


These go-getters are getting at it…

If you don’t know their names yet, then you definitely know their music. Koven, a UK electronic King & Queen (Max Rowat and Katie Boyle), have been tearing the airwaves with their hypnotic tracks. Their two debut tracks to the record label scene of Monstercat (known for Krewella and Marshmello) were “Silence” and “Telling Me.” Finally these two production fiends drop their EP, Come To Light. Though only consisting of 4 tracks, the project is rich in innovative material.

Each song is fast-paced, vivid in instrumentals, bold in vocals, and complex in musical theory as they incorporate classical methods to recreate the sounds they produce. Koven is following the latest in the future bass trend and their sound will remind you of the alternative-punk band of the 90s Evanescence with an electronic twist. Their past works found themselves being recognized by the notable radio leads from likes of Radio 1, XFM, and the Ministry of Sound. That’s high praise, if I do say so myself.

These 4 new singles though, really give their fans and new listeners a chance to hear their capabilities. Starting with “Telling Me,” introduce you into their world of noise where they dictate the creations and fabrications we hear.

Then comes “Breathing Me In,” which places you in a fight with yourself, with a motivational beat and strong voice flections and intonations. This song carries you away to a whole new dimension.

“Silence” gives a  vibe of angsty, intensity, something very different from the name of the track, but that’s what makes it so refreshing and thrilling. The baseline of this song is compromised of a roller coaster of sounds and emotions, and you can just hear it in Boyle’s melancholic singing.

Lastly comes “Everything,” just to sum up the entirety of the project. You can easily picture yourself running or sailing away in this dreamy, lucid track where it seems that “everything” is going to reveal itself to you and all will finally be clear again. We feel minds wander off and heart strings get pulled as we drift away to the end of this well-constructed compilation.

You can listen to the full length EP above!


With many collaborations and a multitude of dynamic compositions their music started to reach up to millions of hits on YouTube and 10’s of thousands of fans across the world.

They’ve dabbled in Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Future Bass, and more, building on their musical stylings and palettes for their fans everywhere.

The act had the special opportunity to perform at one of the largest music festivals of the summer in the world, and that was performing on the Mainstage at Exit Festival (located in Germany) in front of 40,000 people! There they were graced by the presence of playing alongside EDM giants such as Rudimental and Skrillex.

We can expect to hear more from these guys since Koven has been rumored to be back in the studio working a new release and prepping a list of new creations for the new year to come.

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