VNCHY Fires Back with New Release “Black Diablo”

The devil himself is back with a heavy-hitting, hype track… ‘Bout to start a revolution…

The man himself, Toronto-based hip-hop artist VNCHY, returns with an epic comeback with the release of his single “Black Diablo.”

This trip-hop song is one to acknowledge as it encompasses the intensity of this rapper’s seriousness of and dedication to his art. The cyclical tunes and melodies that embrace this song’s composition is enticing, it’s frightening, and it’s adrenaline rushing. Whilst listening to this “vibey” track, you can hear elements of old-school Childish Gambino intertwined with a twist of VNCHY’s own special sauce, making the song extremely unique to a listener’s ears.

The instrumental is zesty, with strong synths and snares lining the the way for VNCHY’s raspy vocals. If there was any way to describe this artist’s vibe, it’s that he is a “coveted misfit”; someone whose sound strikes in odd ways, insinuating motivation and aggression. He’s the vision of power and force that people want to embody.

VNCHY (2 of 33).jpg

He makes an entrance for the clever devil himself as the track plays the lyrics “Baby, it’s black diablo” and then as he continues to dive into his fire verses, unleashing the rap-demon once and for all.

The last that we heard of VNCHY, he had released his sing “Unpredictable,” which landed high praise amongst listeners on SoundCloud and Spotify. His last track was very different from this new one. It was a lot more sing-song and dance-like, and this time, VNCHY decided to give it his all  with full-fledged spitting bar after bar. There’s no doubt that he’s being recognized either for this experimentation! He’s been noted by music publication giants like HipHopDX, Noisey, 2DopeBoyz, Djbooth, HipHopCanada, Earmilk, The A&R Report, The Hundreds, and more recently, landing the big achievement of being written about by Vibe Magazine.

In this wavy track of his, we get to hear a new aspect of VNCHY’s musical abilities and range. It shows that he can dabble in other styles of production, allowing him a larger canvas to create masterpieces of his own.

Listen to the song above now and be sure to follow this rising hype-artist via his socials as he reaches new heights with his music.






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