[EXCLUSIVE]: Cheat Codes Release Thriving New Single “Queen Elizabeth” & Their ‘2017 Artists To Watch’ Playlist

“Lay with me, we can rule the world together…”

And we can rule the world with the Cheat Codes newest trop-house anthem, “Queen Elizabeth.” This buzzy DJ trio, hailing from Los Angeles, California, have been certainly learning their ways of ruling the music boards as they have been gaining momentum in the EDM scene.

The boys have already been able to have half a billion streams on Spotify, a music god platform, with over 326 million streams on their popular single, “Sex.” Thanks to that track’s success, this dance music’s act is currently currently ranked in the Top 30 most streamed artists on the music-streaming site worldwide. And they’re only going to grow as they have had incredible opportunities to play at some of the biggest music festivals in the world such as Firefly, Billboard’s Hot 100, and Voodoo.

These knights with shining headphones produce their way into the horizon as they see their glimmering dance-music careers beginning to soar!

Their latest release “Queen Elizabeth” has now hit a whopping 2 million plays via Spotify since its release!

This chest thumping lullaby will serenade you to the flow of fall days and whisk you away to a tropical paradise as the percussion and sounds blend and merge into perfect harmony. All together they build a rhythmic ocean floor for the velvety vocals to sail over its mid-tempoed currents. These three musketeers triumph the airwaves with their undeniably and wonderfully infectious music.

The bridge in the record is enrapturing as the music crescendoes and drops without any disruption. Flawlessly, the tunes and vibes make you feel nostalgic for summer, love, and good times. As they commemorate the feelings of falling in love and giving one’s all for the other, we are suddenly bit by the lovebug and find ourselves twirling into their lovely, whirling, electronic abyss. Let the smooth melodies and the wailing synths spark electricity in your soul as you mellow down for the few moments the Cheat Codes take you away for.


In addition to all of this excitement, we had the chance to get an [EXCLUSIVE] look into who the guys think are worth keeping an eye and ear out for next year! You can see the list below of their ‘2017 Artists to Watch‘ forecast. What do you think?

[2017 Artist To Watch Forecast]:


19 year old RnB and future bass artist coming off of his debut EP CARE via Spinnin Records, his single with DJ Mokita currently has over 6 million plays on SPOTIFY and is blowing up right now! Check it out!

Phil Good –

Debut single “Sleeping In” just dropped and it sounds like indie electronic gold.


Check out “Wanna be like you” his debut single, mixing pop urban and electronic in one catchy jam!

Shaun Frank –

Played tons of shows with this guy and he’s become one our good homies, check out his new song “Let you get away” featuring Ashe!


Indie pop artist LAUV has perfected the introspective love song, plus his vocals are amazing!


DJ out of New Zealand leaning towards Flume sounding house that’s perfect for any party!


DJ out of Holland, mixes catchy vocals with pop house track, definitely one to look out for!!

So, there you have it! Be sure to keep on the look out for these artists as they continue to grow! And of course, stay tuned to this amazing group, Cheat Codes, as they continue to have more releases in store for us. Shhh– yes they’ve got some sick new stuff for us on the way 😉

Follow them on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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