[Breaking]: The Weeknd Truly Slays In His New Short Film ‘Mania”


Is it possible to have Weeknd-Mania?

Because I think I do. No, scratch that, I know I do.

The Weeknd, née Abel Tesfaye, has been on a releasing rapid fire rant singles one after another in promotion for his new studio album! Something to truly be excited about, and The Weeknd actually kills it in this case.

The most satisfying aspect of this piece, though, is how perfectly the music strings along for the ride, and how previous scenes from his music video for “Starboy” are incorporated into the extended visual. Most importantly however, I love the vibe of this new music- it is starting to sound like his old stuff, but on steroids. It’s got an injection of electronica (cue Daft Punk) and a sprinkle of Michael Jackson-like pop falsettos. It is so incredibly well done and constructed that it has to bring some sort of emotion out of you. It’s erotic, it’s dark, it’s ironically bright in areas, and it’s got such a great vibe. The video includes some of his recent releases such as “Party Monster” and “Feel It Coming.”

The Weeknd

And it is only fair to note, yet again, that every song coming off of the new album sounds so good! The Weeknd takes you away on your own mysterious weekend getaway with these compositions. You can’t help but be hypnotized by his incantations and mesmerized by the noises and beats surrounding his vocals, combining into this tornado of cynicism.

Every scene and frame in this short film is like a photograph, layered by various hues of neon lights and coated in blood. The short itself is like a thriller! It keeps you on your toes anticipating terror to emerge, and you’ll just have to watch it, in its entirety, to find out if you do come across the “Beauty Behind the Madness,” or in this case, the “Madness Behind the Beauty.” The multi-award winning contemporary R&B singer also includes a fierce touch in the video to represent the promotion of his new partnership with the athletic-wear brand Puma by adding an animated character of the jungle cat.


The story line is simple, yet complex- keeping you “paranoid,” and hostile. But The Toronto-based artist keeps you constantly letting go of your guard as he serenades you with his charming “Starboy” charisma. The fashion is just as seductive, mysterious, and contemporary as the visual and the music and the new Weeknd hair-do.

I honestly got the chills from watching the video and hearing each song transition into the next so effortlessly and flawlessly. The melodic crooner hits your mind with just the right air waves, and overcomes you with euphoria.

Bravo. Bravo.

What is this musical genius to come up with next to promote this new album? When will this album finally come out?! I’m going mad! Yes, this is Weeknd-mania. Check out the short film by The Weeknd above!


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