[Playlist of the Week]: ‘All Night’ Long, You Can Dance To These Beats

“I’ve been up all night, no sleep, ‘cuz I feel like I’m always dreaming…”

I think we’re all about to feel like we’ve been up all night, and need more sleep, because it is edging closer to … *drum roll please* … FINALS WEEK. So a playlist is just what the doctor ordered to get you through those long, grueling nights of facts and figures and concepts you wish you didn’t have to memorize and learn.

This is a fun, pump-up track list that will keep you awake and cranking out on the work that you are trying to accomplish. Be prepared to dance a lot to the music that you know and love and take a peek at the newest releases. If it wasn’t already established by this playlist, then let me warn you that there is a lot of The Weeknd on here because his new album Starboy, is killer. Every song could be considered a perfect late night song to keep you rolling through the night.

Other artists include: The Vamps, Martin Solveig, Drake, Jake Miller, The Chainsmokers, Matoma, Devon Baldwin, and once again, a lot of The Weeknd.

These are the tunes that keep you swaying when you’re just about to nod off to sleep. Exam week is never a fun week, we know. Just push through, and jam on because you know that you’re almost there. This is the final sprint in the Fall Semester Marathon! So keep “Rockin'” like Abel does and persevere. Just think that in a few weeks, you’ll be coasting over the course of a month of nothingness and holiday cheer… Now if that isn’t a cliché and enticing enough, paradise-sounding dream, then I don’t know what is.

Enough jabber, time to jam. Press “Play” and don’t forget that if you’re loving these weekly updated playlists, then follow us on Spotify for fresh new beats and themed track lists that fit your every emotion and experience.


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