Ro Ransom Delves Into Dancehall With His New Track “Doppelgänger”

Groove & Unwind Your Mind

Ro Ransom is back at ya with this new dance hall track “Doppelgänger,” which unwinds your heart and reveals you to a whole new genre of his mind. This hip hop riser has been releasing hit after hit in preparation for his upcoming and anticipated project Momentum, and now he has been gaining recognitions by big-leagues like Pigeons and Planes and HypeM.  Ransom means what he says and loves what he does, and it’s only obvious as he continues to produce tracks every month with a disparate vibe and a novel charisma and personality displayed in each track. We have high expectations for this album based on what he’s been fronting so far, but we can be certain he won’t fall short of his promises.


The flow is cyclical and the beat is light and airy. Techno tracks are intertwined in the soul of the track as his voice jabs and takes some body shots at you with heartbrokenness. The typically dark and ominous songster now takes us on a nostalgic trip as we merry-go around this beautifully constructed track.

You can’t help but mellow out when hearing this Ransom song produced by Brenton Duvall and Sweater Beats. This compositional hypocrisy is a melancholy melody with an upbeat tune and harmony layered over it, attempting to mend a disheartened soul.


Once again this crooner has taken the mic and dropped it gracefully on a new record that is definitely worth the listen and a <3, so be sure to check it out! And keep out for this hip hop casanova as Ransom continues to climb a ladder of success.

You can listen to it in the song above!!


Be sure to follow this dynamic artist, Ransom, via Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook; and keep an eye out for his album to drop soon!



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