[Exclusive]: Remember Jacob Latimore: A ‘Connection’ Between His Music & Acting

Jacob Latimore is going to be making a collateral ruckus that will keep you remembering his name in the months to come.

Latimore is a Milwaukee-born, R&B artist with a lot of heart and a lot of drive. This up-and-comer is rising to the challenge as he not only takes on the music domains with a new album, but also tackles the acting scene, landing a part in the forthcoming film Collateral Beauty, participating along side some of the largest superstars in the game, such as: Will Smith, Keira Knightley, Michael Pena, and Edward Norton! Also, the film will be directed by Oscar-winner David Frankel.

When I asked him what it is like to big amongst some of the big-leagues, he responded, “this is an amazing cast, literally the dream team of Hollywood! I’m just so happy that I was welcomed by all of these seasoned actors. I learned the value of hard work on this set.”

And if it wasn’t enough that this R&B crooner has the talent, the looks, the parts, and the moves, he’s already been recognized by notable publications such as Complex for his track “The Real” ft. Ishdarr, and Billboard for his track “Mutual”.


Since 2010, he  had been in some of the biggest box-office hits, including Ride Along starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, The Maze Runner, and Black Nativity with such notable actors as Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Tyrese Gibson, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige and Nas. He has also worked with the Oscar-winning, director and screenwriter tycoons Kathryn Bigelow (of Zero Dark Thirty) and Mark Boal (of The Hurt Locker).

At only the fresh, young age of 20, Latimore is asking for more as he tries to connect the dots of his artistic prowess with the various engagements he has become a part of. He is set to release his debut album Connection this winter, December 9th! And guess what? You get an exclusive, inside look into the sound that you are about to witness here, right now.


Introducing the bed-rocking, soul turning project of Latimore as he demonstrates his own suave sound with power, energy and character. His music can be compared to the music that makes you move against your will.

It has you moving and feeling the seductive emotions of R&B that defines the genre overall. From “Less” to “Mutual” to “Remember Me” and more, we are constantly being hit by the lyrical jabs this wavy artist picks up and puts down for us craving listeners.

Each song dreamily waterfalls into the other as the music keeps you engaged and you keep wanting more fresh tunes from this innovative songster.

The R&B Crooner brings the fire as he not only serenades you with his silky, Chris Brown-esque vocals, but also charms you with his sexy, sleek, Usher-like dance moves.  What’s great about Latimore is that he’s confident and has got a fun, loving air to him that makes you jam right alongside the individual. Moving to the swing of the beat and the groove of the rhythm,  Latimore recreates a pop-sound we all love to hear over and over again.

You can watch the music video of his hit single “Remember Me” in the visual below!

Featuring production work from the likes of Chris Henderson (Jamie Foxx), Mel & Mus (Chris Brown/Justin Bieber/Rihanna/Nicki Minaj), Big Fruit (Lil Wayne/Yo Gotti/K Camp/Plies), SK (Trey Songz) and Ayo The Producer (Chris Brown/Rick Ross/Bryson Tiller), Connection is going to be a heart-throb, a mood-setter, and a dance-floor serial killer. Already, his two popular releases off of the new project have hit over 7 million streams together! (So, obviously this only means it’s got to get better).

“When I was younger, I was inspired by my dad and my uncles, they sing every day! So it’s in the family. However, there isn’t a blueprint to get involved in this industry. You build relationships, perfect your craft, and get in where you fit”, explains the multi-faceted character.

I asked what set him apart from the other artists out there and truly made him stand out against the rest, to which he replied, “what makes me stand out is that I’m able to fill two different lanes at once and be successful at them both. Balancing out music and film is difficult, but I like those problems.”

He continued to delineate the process of constructing this new compilation, Connection, “the process of creating an album takes time, and it can’t be rushed. I’ve lived with all of the songs for months before releasing them. Sometimes you think you’re done with the project and then you’ll go back and try to outdo yourself. It’s fun and stressful all at the same time.”

You can now pre-order his album on iTunes HERE.


Looking forward to hearing more about this artist? So are we! Be sure to watch this icon take on the mic and the silver-screen and follow him on his journey via Instagram, Facebook, and Vevo.


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