[Exclusive]: Jesper Jenset Takes You Through Wonderland With His Single “Lies”

A wonderland of lies

Press play on the track above now, because you”ll want to listen to this as you read this. As the drop takes you away, we’ll introduce you to Jesper Jenset and his wonderful electric wonderland.

This new riser to the music scene has become the next Norwegian obsession as he creates the music that you want to listen to and experience. He now is excited to announce that his killer new track “Lies” is out and ready for many to jam to. As just a 19-year old artist, he recreates a slippery, silky sound with his melodies which twist and turn against claps and whiny, warped vocals. Overwhelmed with much love and praise, Jenset has been honored to be placed in the renown Spotify New Music Friday playlist.

I'm so lucky to front @spotify NEW MUSIC FRIDAY list today!

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Allow this extremely innovative, youngster and songster take you on a trip down the rabbit hole of deceit and illusions as the slur of synths, snares, and vocal flections take the forefront of your mind. The beat stands strong and the bass crashes a thud in your heart, where he’s practically pulling the truth out of you with his hypnotic and trance-like single. This song is definitely one to take note of and recognition as he revamps and reassembles the casual autotune and electronic vibes we now know of to a R&B riff. He brings a Justin Bieber persona to his own unique sound. His thunderous voice and the despairing meaning behind the song pulls at the heart strings as he embraces you with the sounds of this wondrous world of melancholia and intensity.

Jenset is actually from a city called Molde in Norway which translates as, “The City of Roses”. A little more on the artist? He began playing the guitar and singing when he was much younger and now he’s a self producer and songwriter for his own compositions. It’s easy to see that this youthful songster is not messing around and is taking this career as seriously as he can in order to perform to the best of his abilities and become the next big thing.

Behind the scenes #lies #musicvideo @futurstore 📷: @eriksensiri

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However, don’t let his minimal years of experience in the industry fool you as he has built a strong fan base in countries all over the world: already he has 66k followers on Instagram and has performed in front of a crowd with 80k people.


Now this Sony Music (Norway) Label signee has offered us his version of … His Favorite Norwegian Tracks! So check it out below!

“To fulle menn” – Jokke

Norwegian rock. My dad used to sing it for me as a lullaby. Kinda funny when the title is “two drunk men”.

“Hurts So Good” – Astrid S

Distinctive voice. Great song!

“Cut To Black” – Lemaitre

Indie and electronic music sounds so good together. 

“Riv i hjertet” – Sondre Justad

Catchy song, and great lyrics! 

“Jump” – Astrid

Astrid tells a cool story through the song. Like that type of songwriting. The drop is also sick. 

“Patience Revisited” – Bernhoft

Probably one of my favorite artists from Norway.

“Stop / Shut up” – Bernhoft

Great soul artist. The whole concept is so completed. Love that type of music.

“Drøm videre Violeta” – Kaizers Orchestra

This song is so cool. Don’t know what their saying even though it’s Norwegian! But the sound and expression is awesome. 

“Torgeirs vårsang” – Diderre

Also a song me and my father used to sing when I was a kid. Love Jo Nesbøs lyrics about how summer and brighter days are coming and you go out with your friends. 

“Spis din syvende sans” – Karpe Diem 

Great song from Norwegian rap duo. It’s okay to fire a planner someone else hired to make plans.

^And, so there you have it folks!

Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram!


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