[Playlist]: Time To Power Through Finals With This ‘Places & Sounds’ Playlist

Cue the scary music… It’s Finals Week!

Sorry no scary music here. Just good vibes and study pump up sounds to get you in the zone to blast through those notes and PowerPoints and get ready to ace that exam.

It’s that time of the year again where our emotions are knotted and jumbled in every direction because they have been mixed by the anxiety of school work and grades PLUS the festivities and joy of holiday cheer. How sick and twisted is that?


Ah well, we just have to keep trucking and hope that we can reach the light at the end of the tunnel, find the silver lining, because right after our projects and exams comes a month long break! Some of us have those intensive final projects and some of us have the back-to-back quantitative or written exams; so basically, we’re saying we are STRESSED OUT (thanks Twenty-One Pilots). BUT, never fear, because Verge Campus is here with a sweet new playlist to kick back to and get you grinding through this last week of studying with these cool bands, artists, and producers who have created music that is the ultimate chill to your high-strung feelings.

So get the atmosphere going with artists who are the masters of bold white noise like Cashmere Cat, Mura Masa, Explosions in the Sky, Shoffy, Opia, NAO, KAYTRANADA, ZHU, Lido, Shy Girls, Blackbear, RKCB, Kevin Garrett, and more!


So, now that we’ve wasted enough of your studying time, it’s time to get down to business. Press “PLAY”!

Happy Studying and Good Luck with Finals!


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