Shoffy Puts You On “Hold” With His Vibey New Single


Press play, sit back, and hold on for a crazily, vibey adventure as Shoffy produces for you his new single “Hold.”

We were coasting the same wave” sings the L.A. singer-songwriter/ producer in this track that he co-produces with Loud Luxury! It’s a song that makes you want to just jump into the snow or into the waves and forget all of your worries and just be carefree. Shoffy is an incredible artist, and one that I have become very fond of over the years. He continues to produce new sounds and orchestrate novel compositions with his tunes that make his music contagious. You can’t help but listen through the entirety of the song. He takes you through vocal flections, rhythmic strings, and sonic expressions.

His voice is also a sound that really resonates with you and leaves an impression in your mind as you can’t help but sing along to the music. With a sultry and serene voice, he narrates the consequences of love, desire and longing, and the need to stay strong to keep all of those ties in tact.


Compared to his recent EP release, it is not much different, and does not deviate very much from his past work, but it still stays true to the Shoffy brand-sound and is a record that will constantly loop in your head and echo harmoniously in your ear drums. He murmurs wistfully in the song, “We’ll make it through together.

The perfect West Coaster, aura brought to you by this professional melodic mumbler, is all of Shoffy’s musical imagination.He incorporates  slurred words and relatable lyrics to bring you back through a library of flashbacks and memories or to have you daydreaming of future endeavors and adventures to come. The best thing is that his expertise of sonic transformation has not gone unnoticed as “Hold” recently made it to this past week’s Spotify New Music Friday playlist!


So what are you waiting for?! Press play now, ABOVE, to hear Shoffy take it away with his new track “Hold”.


Like what you heard? Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram and Like his page on Facebook! Can’t for what else there is to calm.


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