Tyler, The Creator’s Old MySpace Reveals 6 Mysterious Unreleased Tracks

When you just think you start to know a guy, you realize you forgot to check his Myspace too.

Tyler, The Creator has always been known to be a quirky and mysterious character, and it only was enforced when someone searched up his old Myspace page and found some hidden treasure.

While  casually rummaging through Myspace, Reddit users had discovered some Tyler, the Creator tracks posted back in 2008  that were never officially released. Jackpot! Seems that the Gnog Flaw hip hop artist was very active on Myspace as much as everyone else was back then. Of these coveted songs, there were “I Smell Panties, “Bapes,” and “Lisa”, just to name a few.All of these songs stem from what Tyler then released as his first project, Bastard.

TBH, the songs are not mixed and mastered, but what they lack does not take away from their overall content quality. They have that springy, fast-paced, active, and jazzy beat and tune to them that certainly remind us of the Creator we know and adore.


Myspace was like the Soundcloud and Facebook of the past, where are artists used to drop music and distribute and share their sounds. So it only makes sense that this eccentric character of lyrics and bars had produced music to place on such platforms. These sites allowed underground artists to be found amongst the sea of musicians out there with just the click of a button. Clearly Tyler, The Creator took advantage of this, and used it to build his name.

The 25-year-old rapper and former Odd Future member has never shied away from his craft, whether he uses colorful keyboard riffs, his renown coarse-alien vocals, his vulgar communication, or his adrenaline raising beats, we all know that Tyler, The Creator remains odd and fantastic, and stays true to his art from start to finish.


Listen to the newfound tracks below:

“Hi To Me”

“Bapes Freestyle” 

“Bring the Hi Hat In”


“Lilo Fucks Stitch”


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