Nick Cincotta Releases For the New Year “Better Than Being Alone”

2017 is a year to realize that finding that someone is “Better Than Being Alone.”

In this heart-felt hip-pop track, (produced by NdroidBeats) Nick Cincotta reminds us that no matter what the situation is, that person is better than being alone. “Better Than Being Alone” is record that really defines the sound of Cincotta. On New Years day, the 21-year old released his first single of the year called “Better Than Being Alone”.

With an adoring fan-base, they have followed him along his journey to find his musical niche, and with this single, he has.

The Boston-based rapper and singer embodies the the alternative/pop/R&B sounds of artists like Blackbear and Mike Posner with a more upbeat twist. The song itself has a great melody and a calming tone, accentuated by the beautiful xylophone chord progressions in the background that follows a mid-tempo beat. He then continues to string in his swift-spoken lyrics in half rap/half sing-song incantations. You’ll find yourself constantly swaying to the song and looking forward to sunnier days with people you love this year.

If Cincotta continues to work on this particular sound, and persistently to refine it, he will have ultimately found the zone he was meant to produce in.  He will be creating a much better brand identity for himself and a sound that really reaches out to a wider range of listeners.

This past fall, we had the honor of bringing the hip-pop star on our radio show On The Vergeand it was pleasure getting to hear his endeavors with music and how he feels about the whole experience.

He’s redefining his sound and following a path that fits best for him, and his fans are ready for it! Here’s to a new year, Cincotta!

Be sure to check him out on Instagram and Soundcloud for more from Cincotta this year!


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