“Fade Out” To Jean-Luc’s Latest Grunge R&B Track

“So messed up, gonna take another hit / I’m fading out girl.”

Our Boston-local is back at it this new year with a new track and a whole new sound.

Jean-Luc is a diverse artist who knows his range very well and knows his creative capabilities, and once again, he journeys on to find another way to express himself to his fans. In this epic adventure titled “Fade Out”, Jea-Luc takes you through the dark bedroom nights, the sultry city walks, and the serene introspective days. Sounding much like edgy-pop star of today, The Weeknd, Jean-Luc adds the elements of synthetic vibes and raspy vocals to create a other-worldly musical experience for one and all. “Fade Out” is slow tempo-ed record with a fast-paced undertone, it’s off-beat at times and rhythmic in others, it’s a sonic contradiction and a nightmarish lullaby.


Jean-Luc has been on fire with his experiments! Best known for his hit-single “FMLYD,” this artist has come a long way since his start, which really was not too long ago. This superstar has so far lived a blast of fame in the short run, amassing over 100,000 plays, whilst receiving the attention from such musical connoisseurs as Solange Knowles and Pop Prince, in addition to multiple notable blogs. The song is abrasively melodic and intertwines a hopeful tone with a wistful intonation. Kind of heavy rock filled as well. Heart beat bass.

The trap, R&B, and electro-pop creator fabricates the lyrics,

Been out every night but I can’t find you
Need another dose of that up in the bathroom
Said a couple hail marys, trying to save face
It’s either that or the whiskey that took your place…

and croons over the heart-beat bassline and metallic reverbs.


The music magician explains, “For me, the song is about that thing that saves you when you’re at your worst. When everything has gone to shit, and you’ve got nothing left, who do you call? For some its drugs, for some its sex, for some its God. Behind the smoke, haze, and bass, this song is just the ultimate love story.”

Cue a super hero theme song (Dark Knight Rises, again?)

Be on the lookout for this artist as he rises to the occasion with each song! You can listen to the song in the link above above!


Check out this Wonder Man via his socials now to keep up with what new musical concoctions he’s up to:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud.


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