Childish Gambino and Migos Have Plans to Jam Together

After knighting them the “The Beatles of This Generation,” we may find that Childish Gambino and Migos will be collaborating on a new track!

The Awaken My Love songster had professed his love for the rap trio Migos this past Sunday night of The Golden Globes. After winning his award for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV series Comedy/ or Musical, Donald Glover also known as Gambino, gave his shout outs to Migos’ latest release “Bad and Boujee”, calling it the best song ever and then further calling them “The Beatles of this generation”! What?! That’s high praise.


However, this would not be the first spark of their true love sighting; in fact, these individuals came across each other in the past during back-to-back Twitter exchanges and debates with one another.

Complex filled us in with the details the Gambino may be scheming some musical mastery with Migos behind the scenes of his new hit TV series Atlanta.

These underground hip hop superstars are both gaining recognition in the same time period, and with Gambino’s last album dropped in December and the Migos planning to release their album Culture on January 27th, that opens up some time for them to possible meet together and get some jams on.  In addition, Migos’ record “Bad and Boujee” rises on the charts ladder each day, so there may be a chance that we see them as the chart topper soon!

The Fader
The Fader


Back in 2015, it was found the Gambino had actually taken the first initiative to ask Migos to collaborate, but we had never heard from those reportings again. Now with all of these waves of fame, the hush is over. We even saw Migos perform in Gambino’s comedic tv series in the first season to prove that they’re at least working together. Later that night, TMZ spoke with the award-winner and his brother to ask about this coveted collaboration, to which Gambino remained reserved and mysterious about the whole topic. But, thanks to siblings, his brother cued us in that there was definitely going to be music from the two together soon. Thanks bro!

So, here’s to starting off the new year right with great new movies, great new music, an amazing award show, and of course a wicked collaboration. Bring it on 2017, we’re ready!


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