[Exclusive]: Look Out For Hip Hop Artist Neem Soon To Drop Mixtape ‘I Left Los Angeles To Find My Soul’


Introducing the White Kid who took over the cypher, a man who’s music makes you sway.

If you’re an old school hip hop enthusiast and enjoy the sweet, grungy vibes of 90’s hip hop, then look no further. His name is Neem, and he hails from the San Fernando Valley; however, he ironically lives far off on the east coast which he tends to portray the lifestyles through the words and the sounds of his music. You can see this youngling kill it in a rap cypher at UMD in the video above.

His flow is smooth yet dynamic, with subtle melodies rippling in the background and the beat stroking your every thought, you can’t help but leave behind the past and just sway onward.


In his upcoming EP,  I Left Los Angeles to Find My Soul, Neem’s voice is whiny with a serious grind. In this man’s riff and bar lullabies, Neem puts words from tongue to cheek, bites down on each phrase, and takes you on a hip hop trip.

Intertwined with radio-twisted echoes, this neo-rapper’s music becomes more complex like smoke puffs infiltrating the air around you and engulfing you in sweet sweet beats that bounce across these strange rhythmic, conversational melodies. This is where the new age of rap is going, and Neem seems to be a strong force in this genre’s revolution.

He doesn’t just rap, he story tells, and like any good narrator, he keeps intrigued and curious to know how the story goes and ends. With the laid back Cali vibes and the east coast R&B methods, Neem prepares us for an avant-garde fabrication of his own. So stay tuned for his upcoming tape I Left Los Angeles to Find My Soul.

But while you wait, we can satiate you with  his SoundCloud below to hear more of his work:


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