[New Music Friday]: Wake Up to mar|co and Their Dreamy Vibe “Good Morning”

Where future sounds take you on a beautiful, trippy lullaby.


mar|co is welcoming a new kind of sound to music. Though we’ve heard of future pop before, this duo, consisting of Marie Lang and Alex Coco, are taking the genre a bit further. These two actually came together back in college when they both attended Berklee College of Music. They then continued to pursue their music aspirations together and recently moved to New York City. These two came from very different worlds, and so did their musical inspirations, which brings us back to how these two are advancing this specific area of music. Lang grew up in Vienna, Austria and Alex is from Miami, Florida, and amidst all of the differences, they still shared one particular passion and that is electronic music.

Today, these talented two release their single “Good Morning” featuring vocals by the brilliant Kaiiak! This track is a memorable sound that is sweet enough to wake you up to the halos of the sun rays. This single is to come off mar|co ‘s debut EP, which will be released later this spring of 2017.


In “Good Morning” we are entertained by a series of sensations, all placed into one singular emotion. Throughout the song, fluttering harmonies interlace with and run over heart -beat thumps. The record plays to the ears as something unearthly, and the sonic signals seem to scatter across a sky of composed constellations. The instrumentals are strong, yet faded into the background carrying their serene voices.


Together, the vocalist and producer, create a star-crossed lover effect within the music as they bounce off of one another like rain drops against cement streets. It’s interesting how these two seem to just perfectly match and perfectly mold into each others’ talents.


As we parade with these artists through an escapade of euphoric noise, mar|co introduces us to what future-pop sounds like and will be as it continues to grow as a niche of music. These two are much like a more laid-back version of the duo Karma, a pair that takes it easy on the mind and let’s you interpret the way you wish to move to the music.

What’s intriguing of their sound in particular, is how the vocals somewhat embody an acoustic vibe over a synthesized, unstripped sound. Stay tuned because mar|co will be the next riveting pair to catch your attention!

You can listen to the song above now!

Keep up with mar|co by following them on social media:






Snapchat: @wearemarco


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