[Exclusive]: Neem Officially Drops Mixtape TODAY


The Official Mic Drop

Remember that hip hopper that was mentioned last week? The White Kid who stole the show at a college rap cypher? Ya, he’s back, and today he’s dropped his EP I Left Los Angeles to Find My Soul, and guess what? It’s dope!


With aggressive rap flows, spitting fire, Neem brings back an old school hip hop grind with a low-key modern twist.  The beats are crisp and dramatic as they are overlaid over an orchestral, synthesized melody.

Listening to each track, you are invited to take a whiff of this artist’s concoction which blends elements and methods of sound creation from notable, music all stars like Logic and J. Cole. This youngster is trying to make moves, and he’s doing that with tracks like “Family” and “Sway In The Morning”, which are two of my favorites off of the project. Neem has a lot to say, and he uses this EP as an outlet to say it all through a charismatic rhythm and relaxing words.


But with this EP that’s not all! Neem is just getting started now, as he wants to wishes to continue climbing that corporate hip hop ladder. So what’s next? He has a collab tape on the way, working with a producer from Maryland titled Commons 6. The tape is expected to drop sometime this summer and will feature some sneak-peaks into future projects to come. He adds an interesting element to the chill vibes of hip hop, the revolution of the ramblers.

As I had mentioned in the previous article on this up and comer, his music represents where the new age of rap is going! He doesn’t just rap, he story tells with the right force and spirit within the solemn sounds of his fabrications.

Like what you heard? Be sure to follow Neem on this hip hop journey via Social Media:



Instagram: @famousattractiveneem

Twitter: @kneemund. 


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