Amy Cohen Remixes Drake’s “Feel No Ways” With Her Own R&B Feels

Feel No Ways, and Yet Feeling All Of the Feels

From Newton, Massachusetts, Amy Cohen, a Boston University undergrad and artist, remixes the beautiful Drake track “Feel No Ways” into a ballad all her own. Utilizing the familiar sounds of synthesized tunes and bubbling beats, this femme fatale recreates the sounds of the OVO star and adds a classic R&B reverb.

She plans to grow her musical library as she continues to add more of her own music, but it all began with the covers and remixes. So in this recently released track, she returns to what she is known best for, the echoes of soul.

This 21-year-old intends to bring the roots of music back with a modern twist. Ever since she was a little girl, music has been the sole inspiration for her passion to create compositions. Cohen claims that “it wasn’t until she began to feel like she was losing herself, however, that she taught herself to play keyboard and really focused on creating – not just performing.” She integrates the classic emotion behind soul and R&B music to offer her listeners the raw and relatable stories interlaced within the harmonies.


Her musical influences include industry giants such as Kanye West and his 808s & Heartbreak as well as Frank Ocean and his project Blonde. Cohen invites her listeners to vibe with her on this journey of euphoria as the tunes & tones take you away through an endless dream. Already, she has received countless words of appraisal for her work in all areas, from songwriting, to composing, to vocalizing. She does is it all– the triple threat.

Cohen explores the realms of contemporary music, in this journey beyond the scope of music, where intimacy meets vulnerability and sophistication meets eroticism. The confidence behind every riff and line demonstrates the power and understanding she has of her talent and further credits her abilities. Even after just releasing this track, she continues to write meticulously and collaborate on projects, and is planning the release of another single very soon. But as you wait, you can find more of her fabrications on her Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube pages. Amidst all of this, Cohen continues to keep in consistent, close contact with her fans to let them know that she still remains the spirit behind the sound, and to always show her appreciation for the love and support.


To Hear More, Follow Cohen Via Social Media:





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