Russell Elliot Turns You On With Music Video Release “On You”


Our Wonder Boy has done it again, making a vividly sensual ruckus!

Brooklyn-based contemporary R&B artist, Russell Elliot, recently released his erotic and stunning visual for his banger “On You”. Let it be known, this will absolutely mesmerize you as you watch the movements and contortions of this incredible R&B track that synthesizes the elements of classic and modern rhythm and blues.

Only being his second official video, he’s already received such incredible love and support and appraisal, including being featured by one of the most notable avant-garde publications Paper Magazine. The artist has also been recognized by publications such as OUT Magazine, Huffington Post, Attitude Magazine, and of course, GoodMusicAllDay! The music video takes on a 90’s, Aaliyah-inspired, sexual aura that not only strikes you in all of the right ways, but also impacts a major social issue in today’s world with force, charisma, and power.

This single precedes what is to come in Elliot’s SXSW performance, which is officially confirmed for March 2017! In addition, it is also the lead up to his upcoming EP debut, which is to be released soon after in April 2017. “On You” is a riveting track, but an even more enticing visual, directed by Zoe Rain (of Chance the Rapper,
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Sam Smith, and more).


The music is wonderfully intoxicating and epically daring. The movements thrill you and bring souls to life. Through lingering looks of desire and intense tensions of the mind and body, this Elliot takes you through a roller coaster of feels and vibes that both seduce and arouse you to fall in love and fight for yourself. The videography is flawless as the choreography boasts a primal and elegant persona.

The music reverbs over Elliot’s sexual lyrics as he takes jabs at the monster who claims to lead our country. The beats are heavy hitting and smooth all at once, along with interspersed jazzy echoes in running in the background. The sensual rollercoaster that is the song is filtered by shades of black and white which only help define the track even more as a protest to the man who thinks we are disparate and broken from one another.

The track has already received over 60 thousand streams on Spotify, and his past music video, “Around”, has over a half-million views on YouTube. So clearly, we have a rising star in our midst.

“We filmed ‘On You’ the weekend after Trump was announced the president-elect of the United States. The whole team was horrified. We were only able to create something sexy and joyful because we also let it be important. This video is irreverent. It’s inclusive. It’s a piece of diversity that Trump fucking hates. Now more than ever I hope to amplify the beauty in what he seeks to snuff out. We gather. We create. We resist. We celebrate what can’t be taken—our pride and our pleasure,” admits the revolutionary of sound.

Loved what you saw, what you heard, what you felt? Yes, you did.







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